What to feed an Alaskan Malamute

Despite the large size, the Malamute does not require a lot of feed dogs of this breed it is important not to overfeed. Historically, these large and strong dogs do not need much food, but they are ready at any time. They cannot be translated into free food and a feeding schedule, you need to install from the very first days of the puppy in the house. When and what to feed your Malamute .

A feeding puppies of Alaskan Malamute

Novice owners are always interested in: what to feed a puppy Malamute 2, 3 months . the food was truly useful and balanced? First you need to find out from the breeder what he fed the puppies, and at first try to stick to the same diet. Puppy should be fed three times a day, we must establish a schedule and try to follow it constantly. You cannot lure your puppy from the table, he should eat only from his bowl.

The Malamute is a distant relative of the wolf, the first is a predator, so the diet must be present meat in sufficient quantity. You can give raw and cooked beef, and it will not need to chop into mincemeat. First cut the meat in small pieces. and with the growth of the dog they ought to increase. Feeding the Malamute should include milk porridge, also need to give sea fish, is better boiled and without bones.

In the diet of the puppy must be cheese, because it is the best source of calcium. Also once a week in piduguralla egg. In addition, the diet should include raw and cooked vegetables, except potatoes, as it is a valuable source of fiber and vitamins. Talk to your vet about what mineral supplements need to include in foods: natural food very difficult to build. so it had everything needed for a growing dog.

What to feed an adult Alaskan Malamute?

Adult pads are recommended to feed 1-2 times per day, the amount of food is strictly metered. These animals are prone to overeating and obesity, professional breeders say that the Malamute won’t leave the bowl until there is still food. An adult dog can be gradually transferred to the professional pet food premium. as it will be much easier to ensure a truly complete diet.

Dry food should be chosen not in the supermarket, but only at the pet store, the brand is better to choose for a particular dog together with a specialist. To a new type of food gradually accustom the dog while water should always be freely available. The Malamute requires a monotonous diet, as too rapid a change of diet can cause serious stomach upset.

What not to feed an Alaskan Malamute?

It is important to understand that feeding a Malamute is always a part of education. The puppy will be sure to beg for food, even if he’s not hungry and he can’t go on about it. Treats (bits of cheese or unsalted cooked meat) can only be given for the execution of commands or other good deeds, but not just so. In any case, the dog n give sweets, cookies, candy.

You cannot send in the dog bowl remains of human food: it has too much salt and spices, sausage and other products contain various chemicals that kill the liver of the animal. It is impossible to give salted fish, smoked and spicy product, that is all that is an irritant to the digestive system.

Malamute – the dog is pretty demanding: tasting something delicious, he can just refuse dry food and try the patience of the owner a few days. It is important to show mental toughness and not to deviate from the feeding schedule, like a spoiled dog can cause many issues.

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