What are the dangers of Pets?

Everyone knows that contact with animals has a positive effect on the emotional state of a pregnant woman. The owner of the four-legged and feathered Pets are easier to tolerate stress, are less likely to suffer from insomnia and cardiovascular diseases. But recent research has shown that expectant moms who keep the house a dog or cat reduces the risk of developing such serious diseases as preeclampsia, which can cause irreparable harm not only to the woman, but also a tiny “petitely”. However, four-legged and feathered family members often get sick and can infect his mistress.

If for adults and children, many of these ailments are relatively harmless, whereas for women in an interesting position pose a serious threat.

Cats: toxoplasmosis

If you spoil your cat raw meat or from time to time let her outside, she has all chances to be infected by toxoplasmosis, then you reward them. This is one of those infectious diseases that affects only time in my life and sometimes so easy that you don’t see it. Fever, weakness, and enlarged lymph nodes appear not at all, but if these symptoms arise, they are often blamed on a cold. Meanwhile, in cells infiltrating the illness is caused by protozoan organisms Toxoplasma.To get rid of them only in the first few days after infection, but if you miss this point, the parasites will remain in the body. Actually they are not much trouble and can easily get along. Besides after the invasion “of podsolenny” one develops immunity against them and re-infection possible not to be afraid. But everything changes when the insidious single-celled enter the body of a pregnant woman. In this case, a dangerous infection can be transmitted from mother to fetus. Fortunately, the probability of such contamination is small. While waiting for the baby Toxoplasma infected only 1% of pregnant women and only every fifth of them transmit the disease to their child. A lot depends on what the term “occupiers” entered the body. If this happens in the first trimester, it is likely that everything will be okay. In the early stages of pregnancy barrier function of the placenta and mother’s highest “cradle” just don’t miss the parasites. But if Toxoplasma still managed to pass strict checkpoint, they get to the baby and cause multiple malformations, which is an indication for termination of pregnancy or lead to fetal death. In the second trimester, the consequences for crumbs are not so disastrous, but the probability of receiving infection from mother increases to 20%, and in the last three months has already reached 65%. Babies infected during the second half of pregnancy, at birth usually do not have suspicious symptoms, but in the future the disease may be manifested by inflammation of the retina and choroid, seizures, strabismus, deafness and psychomotor retardation.

Dogs: worms

The most faithful friends of humans, and cats, four walls won’t hold. With dogs you have to walk, and outside they can easily pick up any nasty sore.

Fortunately, most of them do not pose a serious threat to the health of a pregnant woman and her unborn child, but pleasant in these diseases is still not enough. The most common problem faced by dog owners are the worms, in other words – worms. The larva crept into the body of the pet dog, it helps to dig the nose into the infected land, or walk on her paws, and then lick them. If the pet after this “kiss” you, the eggs get into your body, and you’ll get the opportunity to play a major role in the horror movie about the attack of “foreign”. “Oscar”, however, it will not, but a lot of impressions guaranteed. Alas, not positive. Generally, on the idea of nature, in the body of an adult larvae of parasitic worms waiting for a triple protective barrier: enzymes of the oral cavity acidic environment of the stomach and intestinal microflora. However, during pregnancy, especially in the early stages, a reliable barrier may simply not work, because the immune system weakens significantly. This is necessary in order for the body not accepting the embryo for alien element has not started war with him. As a result the larvae of worms pass stringent checkpoints, enter the intestines, where they develop and begin to multiply. Some species of worms are still here, others make a difficult way from the intestine into the liver, lungs and even the heart. The first symptoms can easily be confused with normal morning sickness. The expectant mother increases salivation, loss of appetite, there is vomiting. Then there are paroxysmal abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation. With heavy helminth infections occur for a long period of headaches, nervous ticks and a bad cough. By the way, increased sensitivity to allergens – also one of the signs of the turbulent life of worms. Fortunately, intrauterine infection of the fetus by the parasite is rare. Babies often get uninvited guests as a gift from my mother at birth, but such cases in medical practice. Nevertheless, poison worms with their waste products of the baby, can cause premature birth or terminate the pregnancy.

The birds and fish: salmonellosis

It is considered that rod-shaped bacteria Salmonella, which cause human acute intestinal disorder, to hide in the eggs of birds. But the insidious bacteria gladly live in the intestines of parrots, Canaries, aquarium fish, lizards, iguanas, snakes and turtles. And it is not necessary that the animal looks sick. If your pet has no suspicious symptoms, it does not mean that his litter is not a breeding ground for Salmonella infection. Small motile bacteria thrive in the environment and breed well at room temperature, therefore, a wide range of great animations pet who accidentally came in their own feces, or cleaning the aquarium, you can easily pick up Salmonella. And in five hours after that, skruchivali from abdominal pain, to wonder, where did the vomiting and diarrhea, and why the temperature rose. However, to panic ahead of time is not worth it. The pathogen usually does not extend beyond the intestine and will certainly not dig a “hole” in the placenta, trying to get to the baby.

Nevertheless, the waste products of the bacteria poison the mother’s body and disturb the metabolism, and it is not the best way affects the health of the baby. When mild disease to fight infection at home, strictly according to doctor’s recommendations, but if the situation does not improve, should go to the hospital. In an interesting position risk it is not noble.

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