What animals to breed

Perhaps, the selection of animals fit to fulfill this goal, one of the most important tasks to be decided by the breeder when organizing home farms. From its correct decision depends on many things: will you continue to engage in farming? as the fate of wildlife to you? how you spend the funds and what will get the profit? Etc.

People who have no practical skills in housing, feeding and caring for your Pets, we can recommend first to breed rabbits unpretentious and learn about their biology, and then to purchase predatory fur-bearing animals. It is much easier for the novice breeder, and practical experience you will gain faster. Rabbits unpretentious, they have a fairly limited need for care, they offer an undemanding to feed. At the same time the animals are sociable, easily adapt to humans and breed in captivity, they can be kept in a small cage or in battery cages under a shed outdoors. It is also important that rabbits are not dangerous, unlike predators, which need to constantly exercise caution in handling.

Foxes, Arctic foxes and other predators bred in fur farms, can be recommended to those who already have some practical experience. These mammals are well adapted to the new conditions, are hardy, require osobymi of contents during the breeding season (strong metal cage, more nursing care, etc.), unlike rabbits, muskrats and nutria. An experienced breeder is always attentive to animals in their behavior and appearance, understands what they need, and, skillfully using the biology and living conditions, often making great strides in breeding animals.

When choosing a beast for the content on the home farm on the plot, you must determine what you most attracted to breeding animals for meat or fur. Animals need care, therefore, should consider how much time you will give to your Pets, will help the family members; evaluate the capabilities of the room in which will contain rabbits and fur-bearing animals, etc. But most importantly, their maintenance requires certain financial costs. Willing to all this for several years? All these issues should be carefully considered before you make a household of animals.

Mammals, which are going to breed for the farm, it is better to buy at a young age. From the young with the onset of puberty it is easier to get litter than adults. It is advisable to purchase a few animals, it will be easier to avoid errors in sex determination and have a high probability to choose good manufacturers. Better to buy the animals at the farm or pet shop than on the market. This approach largely guarantees that is acquired by mammals with hidden defects.

To determine the health of your future pet, we must first carefully examine its appearance. In healthy animal rapid response to human, the coat tight to the body, smooth, with no “bare” spots in the ground, usually covered with hair; eyes shining, alive, breathing without wheezing and whistling. Then, to determine the degree of fatness, the beast taking up (with the predators need to be careful) and groping his pectoral muscles, examine the cloaca (the hair around it should not be matted feces). To purchase animals lethargic, skinny, with protruding edges or bare patches on the torso is not worth it. All these signs indicate that the animal is unhealthy.

Pay special attention to animals during transport and quarantine after arriving at the scene. It will be a while until they get used to the new surroundings and calm down. In this case, the person must be patient and try to quickly accustom them to new surroundings and to itself. You need to spend more time for communication with animals, being near the cage, talk to them gentle and calm voice, not to near the cell sudden movements.

Manual beast behaves calmly, it is active in the presence of the owner, don’t treat him with caution, comes easily to hand. And the terms of habituation to the new environment and to humans depends on the type of animal and its age. Than it younger, the easier to tolerate the change of environment, eats more and is more mobile. Practice shows that females, especially pregnant women, and animals in children’s age worse endure transportation, changed conditions, but the latter quickly get used and master the new residence.

What animals to breed
Perhaps, the selection of animals fit to fulfill this goal, one of the most important tasks to be decided by the breeder when organizing home farms. From its correct decision…

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