Unusual Pets

Gulidova Mannikin

For pet birds is very normal bright feathers, but gulidova mannikin is something special. The feathers saturated colors make them very special. Finches are social creatures, therefore they must be placed in pairs. Not only that, they look so bright, like a carnival – they also make amazing sounds. These birds are well suited as a pet for children, but require quality care and attention.

Cat Cornish Rex

With their wavy fur of a cat the Cornish Rex look like worn corduroy coat. Breed cats Cornish Rex undoubtedly deserves attention. Their unusual structure of the fur is due to the fact that they lack the two outer layers of hair that other cats have. This gives them not only an unusual structure fur, but also makes them extremely soft. Contrary to popular belief, holes in their fur are not the fingerprints left by glazewski cat.

Shrimp-the Ghost

At the time, as Ghost shrimp can be used as food for large predators aquarium, an increasing number of people keep them as Pets. Ghost shrimp have a delicate and transparent body and looks very unusual. This is a special group of freshwater shrimp, which are pretty easy to care for and feed them. There are no predators in the aquarium, these otherworldly creatures will give him a little scientific-fantasticheskogo.

Marsupial flying squirrel

A bit like dwarf squirrel marsupial flying squirrel is a native of Australia, lives in the wilderness with lots of trees. Flying squirrels eat insects and drink the juice of eucalyptus. As a pet, these delightful pocket Pets must be contained in a large cell, as they are impossible to housebreak. They eat quite dirty: suck nutrients from food and then spit it out. But just look at that sweet face and You will understand why many pet owners choose exactly flying squirrel. Comes the night is a good time to release them flying squirrels can play and frolic throughout the apartment.

Cineasti Skink

For many owners of this popular lizard it was love at first sight. They immediately fell in love with an Ordinary caneasily skink for his breathtaking blue tongue. A native of Australia, it can survive for 30 years in captivity, slowly sliding his snake-like head. Their body color varies from brown to grey with a faint pattern. Their tongue ranges from bright blue to dark blue Skinks like to show it. They also hiss loudly when someone breaks their peace. Saw a skink for the first time, you might think that this is sort of a fat snake with legs!

Mexican hairless dog

A breed of dog called the Mexican hairless, or Xoloitzcuintli, a bit like a mix between a Chihuahua and a Zebra. A very rare breed has brown and white stripes all over her body, a bit like the work of a painter with brush and white paint. Perhaps because of its fantastic appearance, the breed was considered sacred by the ancient Aztecs and Mayans.


Livingonlove, or goldfish the Ranch is a good pet. The Japanese have reserved the right to withdraw a goldfish, which look like regular goldfish, but covered with bubbles. Named by the Japanese “king of gold fish”, these fish vary considerably in color and appearance. They are distinguished from the standard goldfish is primarily a special form of the head, which develops over the first year. Looks very unusual, when the head expands into something that looks like a mass of bubbles.

Cat Sphinx

If You are considering a hairless breed and looking for a cat of a Sphinx, to solve Your Allergy problems – give up the idea. Surprisingly, the Allergy causing not fur, but a protein in their saliva. But if You’re just looking for strikingly original pet to share Your home, the Sphinx, with his head in the form of a wedge, firm body and smooth skin is a good choice. Their skin color is the same, what would be the color of the fur. They need weekly baths, but generally have very good health. Be sure to buy toys for cats as Sphynx are very energetic and curious. Perhaps this is because they don’t experience gravity because large amounts of fur.

Dog Bullets

Breed of dog with thick curls – Hungarian Puli breed herding is more like a MOP with a face. The American kennel Club calls the breed is intelligent, able to protect, and possessing an excellent sense of humor. If You own Bullets, especially if You’re nearsighted, look carefully every time You wash the floor with a MOP, to be sure that you do not use your four-legged friend.


African fish Gnathonemus, also known as elephant Nose, got its name from its distinctive trunk. She uses her “trunk” to hunt small organisms in the water. In the wilderness gnathonemus prefers muddy, slowly moving rivers and pools that explain it color land color. In the aquarium she likes the more stagnant environment with low illumination. In addition to having a unique nose, fish also produces mild electrical pulses which You can listen to, putting in the aquarium electrodes connected to headphones or amplifier.

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