The most popular dog breeds

Among dogs, Labradors, probably the most favorite. Good-natured disposition, sociability and ability to training has made these dogs popular around the world. These are the real peacekeepers and humanitarians.

Among dogs, Labradors, probably the most favorite. Good-natured disposition, sociability and ability to training has made these dogs popular around the world. These are the real peacekeepers and humanitarians. Due to its unique qualities, Labradors are used not only as companions but also as guides, rescuers, and also to search for explosives and drugs.

Nobody really knows, where did these good-natured and cute dogs. Maybe that’s why there are many versions of their origin. In ancient times these dogs were called vydrovymi or water. And in fact, with water Labradors have much links. In the past this breed was the favorite of Newfoundland and Portuguese fishermen. Two dogs always took with him on every voyage — and not as talismans. A wonderful talent for swimming, and an extraordinary devotion to these animals conquered the hearts of even the most hardened sea wolves. And here’s why. Each fishing boat was a special rescue rope, with which, in case of disaster two dogs had to swim to the nearest shore. And then this rope was selected for the whole team. They say such cases bilobate more than enough. For dogs-rescuers are always carefully watched, guarded and pampered.

And here is how the Labradors appeared in Europe. They say that once the crew of the ship “Canton” in Baltimore rescued the drowning crew of the English brig, who was from Newfoundland. Together with people pulled from the water and puppies, which the captain of the “Canton” had left in Baltimore. However, not immediately recognized Labradors as a separate breed. Despite the fact that these dogs still Titian painted only in 1812 it was decided that this species differs from all others, and proposed to call them “lesser Newfoundland”, “St. Johns dog” or “Labrador”. Finally got the name Labrador. Why? And on this occasion there is no one opinion. Someone thinks that it’s all in the color: the color of the first dogs that were entirely black, like the stone labradorite. Others argue that the ancestors of the Labradors were withdrawn on the island of Labrador. And finally the most romantic and, perhaps, plausible version is as follows: the first of these dogs saw the Portuguese and, struck by their amazing performance and hard work, dogs called Labradors (labrador — translated from Portuguese means “worker”).

All the king’s men

At the end of XIX century became a Royal Labradors dogs. The first of them began to breed George V, he preferred the black suit. George VI was interested in yellow Labradors. And the current Queen of England, Elizabeth II, jointly and severally with George V and also prefer “elegant black”. In our country Labradors were in the late 60 ‘ s First dog, Juhi, brought from India. “Marriage issue” it was not for anyone, so I had to knit beauty with the Newfoundland Gene. In the end part of litter phenotype was attributed to Labrador, part — to Newfoundland. But in the early 70-ies in Russia brought two more dogs. U.S. President Jimmy Carter gave a black Labrador Brezhnev, and well-known canadian writer Farley gave Moat Labrador Kosygin.

The present President of Russia Vladimir Putin lives Labrador Connie. During the reception of delegations, the President urged guests not to feed the mooch treats from the table. But Connie is quite able to choose your own menu card: once she ate the treat destined for Boris Gryzlov and Yury Luzhkov, which did not even have time to bring to the table. Connie has children and grandchildren, many of which are worthy of the service in the EMERCOM of Russia.

These dogs have a complete lack of aggression towards people and other animals, can easily and happily go to the contact, well trainable and training. It is a large, active dogs who are not averse to “fool around”. Therefore, the elderly will have to cope with them is not so easy. But if you want to have a smart, loyal, kind and sociable friends — a Labrador will become one of the best options.

And these dogs are excellent nurses. The Labrador will quickly become not only a real friend for your children, a fun partner in the games, but also a reliable defender. Differing stable state of mind, the dogs of this breed get along great with other animals, if they exist. Labradors are extremely fond guests and new acquaintances, so, going into the house, where there is such a dog, be prepared for the fact that right there in the hallway welcoming the “boss” will knock you off your feet and start frantically licking your face. Well, if we are to enjoy the guests — the only way!

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