The most intelligent breeds of cats

The type of coat, shape of ears, color of eyes – we choose Pets on the basis of different parameters and their own ideas about the ideal. But if appearance is not important, and the degree of intelligence? Are there the most intelligent breeds of cats and the breed, representatives of which do not Shine with intelligence?

Beautiful right smart left

The work of a competent breeder is a hell and always a difficult choice. His goal is to get a splendid offspring, the best in his generation. Having studied the standard of any breed is not difficult to imagine how many tasks facing a breeder: and the lugs have to be perfect, and the tail, and the wool is such, and the wedge shape of the head, and not Apple, and hundreds more of such “and”. It may not be entirely correct, but intelligent breeds of cats – not the ultimate dream. The expert evaluates the character, who must be friendly, and appearance, which must comply with the standard. And the mind…. As a General estimate of the cat’s mind from the point of view of the person? The cat will not learn to protect the house or go on the trail.

So, what breed of cats are the most intelligent, if today everything is literally obsessed with beauty, unusual hair and strange ears? Everything is obvious and simple – the way the more natural beauty than Manichev her pretentious and “alien,” the cat in General smarter. Of course, if we are talking about rocks – about large groups, not about individual animals. Many sphinxes much smarter than our sibs, but in General the most intelligent breeds of cats – this is the aboriginal appearance of which is well-established and undergoes only cosmetic changes, not overhaul. If basic livestock breeds for decades close to the standard, a breeder has more possibilities to adjust the nature and selection of pairs for the intellect, and not just in appearance. And the young breed, especially if it is very rare – this limited number of animals: “to Find girls to groom the right color where there to think about his mind.”

“Intelligent” breed is like?

If you agree with the above, in the top most intelligent breeds of cats will only “ancient natives” – our Russian blue and Siberian, British, Maine Coon, American Shorthair, Turkish Angora, etc. And call any of the listed breeds is stupid – I beg your pardon, publicly to declare their own intellectual imperfection. Mind native breeds have been accumulated by the grain passing from generation to generation for thousands of years, long before there were the first breeders and unified the assorted cats in the breed.

However the first places in the ranking of the most intelligent breeds of cats is always occupied by Oriental beauties and their close relatives, the Thais, the Siamese cat, Burmese, Orientals, Bombay. Surprise and high intelligence, the Abyssinians, Mau, Rex, Sphynx, Bengal. These cats are easily accustomed to the procedure, quickly learn the rules of etiquette, almost humanly communicate and sometimes I look in the eyes that no doubt remains: “Everyone understands. Everything!”. Where are the natives? The joke is that the smart cat breeds for different people are smart in their own way: one person considers curiosity a manifestation of the mind, and the other is the height of folly.

Let’s take for comparison a typical Siberian and typical Siamese cat. And two owners, which, of course, believe their cats the most intelligent in the world:

– My cat is smarter, she greets all the guests (the Siamese cat really very sociable).

Isn mind? My cat is suitable only to the elect, because he knows that not all the guests – friends (Siberians are independent and do not need constant attention).

– Your cat is stupid and lazy, and therefore not coming to say Hello. And my girl active and agile, always looking for adventure, will climb into any Cabinet that will open any door (the Siamese cat is very curious and really climb everywhere can reach).

– Yeah, clever… My cat knows what in the closet is nothing interesting there, and that he was there to climb is prohibited. But your cat nose poking where they shouldn’t. We’ll break the Bank, then the tail will break – that’s really mind!

And so on to infinity. This dispute is unsolvable, you can shouted to give thousands of arguments. But in fact, both cats are smart, just mind your they show differently. And if the person likes a particular type of manifestation of intelligence, he believes the breed of the smartest cats: one cat is curious, for the other – loud, outgoing – Intrusive, playful – rowdy. Siamco easier to teach different tricks, but the Siberian is more likely to survive, being on the street. From our point of view, ability to training and understanding the owner at a glance is the mind, and from the point of view of the cat where it is useful to be able to catch mice and not to show excessive curiosity (which relentlessly destroys the cats of English Proverbs).

So what breed of cats are the most intelligent? But the one that is right for you in character, manner of communication, the way of manifestation of their emotions. Stupid breeds of cats do not occur at all, the cat is a perfect creature. But to develop the natural mind home favorite can and should! How? Read the article “Most intelligent cats”.

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