The largest breeds of cats

When we talk about cats, we often imagine small cute furry creature. But it happens that this animal is large than indoor dog. It is always very impressive. In the world today are derived very large cat breeds. The prices are quite high. Nevertheless, we hope that in our collection you will be able to find a pet.

Maine Coon

Today it is the most big cats. The Maine Coon is noted for its luxurious long hair. These animals have long, slightly elongated rectangular body. Their coat has a water repellent effect. Weight of males can reach ten kilograms, and females no more than five. The Maine Coon is different from other cats in an unusual voice with an expressive vibration. These animals appeared about a century ago. These beauties are often referred to as “cute giants” due to their calm nature. They are very friendly, appreciate the care and love of the master, get along well with children. Able to play with them day and night, and never, even accidentally, but won’t scratch the baby.

For the coloration of these animals called raccoon cat. Their strange appearance with ears with tufts and a large bushy tail can not leave anyone indifferent. Some representatives of the breed Maine Coon got into the Guinness Book of records. The price of such magic kitten – from 15 to 50 000.


This is a very beautiful cat. Savannah attracts not only with its impressive size. This beauty captivates animal lovers with their grace, the habits of this leopard, which underline her beauty. Savannah covers a short thick coat with spotted color. The size of such Pets is almost three times higher than the usual us size domestic cats.

Savannah is originally from Africa, was bred from wild cats. These “babies” love to jump, and they can easily “fly” at a height of three meters. This is a rather whimsical creature, so for a walk without a leash to go is not necessary – your pet can just run away, have to look for it. Little leopard is not cheap – from 4 to 20 000 dollars.

Siberian cat

It’s not the cats. The Siberian breed is well known to Russians. Animal big, physically developed. Weight of some species reaches 10 kg, the Wool from these Northern beauties are very thick and long, characteristic – luxurious furry tail. The coloration of the coat can be very diverse.

This is the perfect pet for people with allergies. But if you need a calm and phlegmatic pet, which can at any moment take on hands and to caress, Siberian cat will not fit. She is very wilful. But owners are guaranteed to get rid of rats and mice, because it is an excellent hunters. Siberian cat will cost you from one to fifteen thousand.

Norwegian cat

In Russia it is widely distributed, not all the largest cats. The Norwegian forest cat is still not very popular in our country. This cat is very similar to Siberian. It seems very large thanks to water-repellent double wool cover. The fur color is different. Males grow to impressive sizes – the weight of males can reach 12 kg, and cats – up to 5 kg.

This is a very communicative, sociable and playful animal. Despite its size, the Norwegian cat is very graceful and elegant. The average price for a kitten Norwegian forest cat breed ranges from 5 to 40 000 rubles.


These beautiful cats are cane breed until 2003 was considered wild. The breed was developed by crossing Abyssinian cats cats and cane. Animals are smooth and short hair. They have a narrow head and muscular legs, wide chest and beautiful almond-shaped eyes. The tips of his ears brush. Home cause weigh up to twelve pounds (males). Despite the impressive size, these cats have a gentle disposition and friendly nature, require the owner of affection and tenderness.

For the baby of this breed need to pay from 7 to 35 000 dollars.


Large domestic cats, pixie-Bob also known as Hemingway cats, lynx. Of their origin very little is known. It hides many secrets and legends. Most likely, they have appeared as a result of natural intergeneric ligaments. However, you cannot deny that in the formation of the breed breeders are actively involved. Cats to adulthood gaining up to ten pounds of weight. Ear tufts and short tail make them really similar to lynx. A characteristic feature of this breed is mnohopillia paws.

Kitten Pix is from 25 to 100 000 rubles.


It’s still a very young breed. Its name literally translates as “doll”. It’s a strange name the cat got reduced muscle tone. The breed was developed by crossing the Burmese cat with a Siamese cat. Animals are divided into two types – the colorpoint, which are more like Siamese, and two that have white spots on muzzle and paws.

The holidays are chocolate, lilac or blue color. These animals are rather phlegmatic and good-natured. Future owners need to know that these cats, unlike other species, cannot fall on the feet from height due to muscle relaxation. Such a child can be purchased for 10 to 35 thousand rubles.


Why these animals are having a Regal look, was nicknamed the “beggars” is not known. There is speculation that this breed comes from the stray cats who “intermarried” with a purebred Ragdoll. But the fact that ragamuffin always involved in the ratings, “the cat”, the breed has deserved most of it, even females weigh about 6 kg, and cats – 10 kg.

Ragamuffin has luxurious thick fur, which is a bit like the coat of a rabbit. It can be different colors, to which no stringent requirements. Most cat breeds feature a huge and extremely expressive eyes. These large domestic cats are very friendly and sociable, hard to tolerate separation from the owner. They are often called angels for their kindness to people and gentle nature. The price of this handsome – from 80 000 rubles.

the Ocicat

This wonderful representative of the cat looks very much like their wild ancestors. And by nature it is large, but the domestic cat. Rock the manner, though rather small, too – males weigh about six pounds. Animal lovers in this breed attracts interpersonal skills and the ability training.

Most of the Ocicat easy to get used to walking on a leash, they are very smart. These cats have the team owner and some of the tricks that they like. It displays the love that they are constantly petted and spoiled, and demand it even from strangers, sometimes making them Intrusive. The price of a small olketa ranges from 30 to 80 000 rubles. Cats are the most popular Pets. Recently become popular large pupils. If you’re going to have such an animal, contact a specialized cattery offering pure bred, healthy baby.

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