The cultivation of plants, care for Pets.

You can achieve incredible results in speed of growing, grooming, and, of course, the taste cultivated you cultivated plants.

With the support of radionik device, even when using artificial fertilizers palatability of the product will be not worse than when using organic fertilizers.

In addition, using the Chi Generator you can optimize the water for the cultivation of plants in water. Many species of plants that are grown in water, super charged with vital energy, require less than two days to full maturity, instead of the usual three days, and, more importantly, they are much tastier.

To improve the process of growing plants using Chi Generators and radionik devices just. Moreover, you will get results very soon. These visible results have been tested time and again double scientific “blind test”.

In fact, the methods of plant growth with the use of vital energy is very old. It is well known that some people own so-called “horticultural art”, i.e. what they put in the ground grows better than if those same plants were grown ordinary people. Now you can become the owner of the equipment that will act the same as people who own “horticultural art”,or rather, you will play the role of the best “master gardener”.

The easiest way, of course, it is processing the water that you use for growing plants. It is obvious that plants prefer living water, i.e., water, super-charged with vital energy. You will receive an even greater effect if you use water that is specifically programmed for a specific desired result, for example, against specific diseases and parasites. Naturally, a week or two of using water, saturated with vital energy in your garden plot – and you will clearly make sure that you got exactly what you wanted!

In addition to charging water with life energy, you can charge the fertilizers, even artificial. In this case, the food you get from cultivated plants, acquire the incomparable delicious “organic” taste: such plants, although not completely identical to the plants grown in a natural way, but definitely close to it in quality! On top of that, you can apply life energy to problem plants. Methods to use in such cases vary depending on the equipment used and the area of infected plants requiring treatment.

Ideal for house plants, garden crops, small greenhouses and lawn care is the AO 2000. The ideal is any radionik device, especially if it is designed specifically to optimize water. As RAD 5. and ATGS 3000 have such characteristics. In the future you can use the ATGS 3000 for astrological method of growing plants and the introduction of astrological information in water and seeds, intended for planting, particularly to enhance the “magical” effect in the cultivation of medicinal herbs when working on very large areas.

To enhance the astrological energy fields effects in parallel, it is recommended to use a computer program for the realization of goals (desires) Manifestation Program ).

Increase the impact of herbs, vitamins, nutritional K. plus Super-charge your Qi energy. The skin care products.

There are as many methods of growing herbs, how much and methods of their use. The methods described below, you may apply to vitamins, food additives, to products for the care of skin, hair, etc. and, of course, for any herbs that have magical qualities.

1. You can charge vitality herbal tea for a few minutes before use.

2. You can put herbal infusions before orgone generator to ingestion. The same method can be used with professional skin care. Of course, you can affect these funds at a distance.

3. You can super charge your means on care of skin before using. The time required for this depends on the power of the device and the amount of charge funds. Some people are able to feel when the tool is already fully charged. Typically: a small tube or jar charged in half an hour, if you place it in front of a JU 99 CE, and a few minutes with the device is the AO 2000 Aqua Optimizer.

4. A dietary Supplement, dissolve in water, charged with vital energy, and take the resulting tool inside.

5. Charge the water with energy, i.e. the qualities of herbs or nutritional supplements by placing a container of water next to these herbs or supplements.

The pet care, reaction of animals to the Qi energy

People holding cats at home, I notice an almost immediate reaction of these animals to orgone generator. Cats love to play with invisible objects in front of the silver tube of the generator, i.e. they are trying to catch the “little blue flame” that some people, especially children, can see very well.

We don’t know whether cats can see the same as humans. We can only observe how they play with something. In General, cats and other Pets feel very comfortable near orgone generator.

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