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What do we know about horoscopes? Know all about the horoscope for people. It says what day what sign of the zodiac that you can do, and what not. And we want to introduce with unusual horoscope, which reflects the interaction of children and animals. Shows how children what animals are more suited, and which do not Question that arises in front of parents, yet dared creatures in the house, who is more suited to baby. Some experts suggest that you focus on the temperament and personality of the child. Astrology fans know that the character and preferences of the child depends largely on their Zodiac sign. In our computer age, when all children have access to the web, linger for hours at the computer, psychologists suggest that you have to have a house pet, the house was part of nature. This will enable your child to be closer to nature, will provide an opportunity to relieve stress, accumulated even for “seat” at the computer, to be kinder and to be more sensitive, will provide an opportunity to learn about someone to care, to be responsible. Let us together choose for your child the animal that will delight and bring a minimum of hassle.

And do not be afraid to have a pet, if there is a child – as a result of such communication will benefit the health of the baby, and his mind. Just need to explain to the child how to treat animals, helping them to make friends!

Kozerog your pet little Capricorns are serious. Once having decided to take care of the pet, they will try to learn as much as possible about the habits and health of the animal, carefully organize the care. Capricorn will be pleased to know that his pet has a good pedigree and has many useful skills. But don’t forget that for practicality and seriousness of your child hides a kind and gentle heart full of love to you, and to our lesser brothers.

Aquarius Pets for baby-Aquarius – this is primarily a subject of almost scientific research. It’s so interesting to learn how wash the hamsters that eat turtles and can they be taught to run faster. Choosing a pet, Aquarius is unlikely to focus on fashion or an impressive pedigree. his pet will likely be not such as at all, maybe even an unusual breed. Many Aquarians prefer the dog – they perfectly know how to value friendship.

Pisces don’t be surprised if your little Goldfish will bring home some frozen kitten or a dog with a broken leg. Your child has so much empathy that he just can’t pass by the unhappy animal, and, of course, want to help him. He was not concerned with any breed or bloodlines, he is ready to lovingly care for your pet and to accept him as he is. Remember that children-the Fish tend to get attached to your Pets, and if they happen to part with them, they experience genuine grief.

Little Aries Aries – addicting nature and impulsive, and therefore long and patiently to care for a pet it won’t be easy. However, if he is really interested in animals, you will be surprised by his energy and enthusiasm. And his favorite, most likely, will be the same active and cheerful as its owner. It is possible that in this case the RAM will be interesting to communicate with other animal lovers, and cat or dog will take part in various competitions. Rest assured, Owen will prepare your pet to win!

Taurus Bull Small pet will bring great joy, especially if it is large, fluffy and affectionate. For example, a collie dog or a Siberian cat. They will be happy to play together, and to care for a pet your child will be easy. Especially nice it will be to grow an adult cat from a little baby, to feed him, day after day watching it grow. However, you have to make sure that your child is not good spoiled your pet.

Getting the twins a pet for the Twins moving, you need to remember that daily care of a pet can soon get bored. So invite them to get animals the care which will bring them a lot of trouble. A good option – aquarium fish, which, by the way, will has a soothing effect on the movable nervous system of your child. For this reason, a good friend can be a fluffy kitten.

Cancer Cancers have a natural ability to take care of those younger and smaller. Your little Cancer will lovingly care for your pet, and it’s possible that he will be his true friend. Sensitive Cancer needs a reliable and tender friend, and children Cancers are often strongly attached to their Pets, talking to them and confiding to them his secrets. For this reason Cancer it is advisable to get a dog because it’s loyal animal best able to respond to his feelings.

Lion If a Lion appears pet, be sure – this child will do everything that he could be proud of your pet. Proud look beautiful purebred dogs attract him much more than a plain fancy rats (if they are certainly not marked by any particular talent and merit). He will learn the basics of dog training, teach the animal some manners, will watch for its appearance. He may want to demonstrate their achievements at the respective exhibitions, and medals will be the main reward for him

Virgo Child-Virgo will cope with daily care for the animals, will not forget to feed and water, will be able to clean the cage or take your pet for a walk. Those born under this sign often choose small-sized dogs. The little virgin would be happy to mess with the hamster, the mouse or a turtle. Not being too sociable with their peers, children of the virgin often revealed in dealing with animals, by best features.

To please scales small Scales, the pet must first and foremost be beautiful. Desirable – good. For this is the best suited delicate furry cat or a purebred pet dog. Generally, Libra is nice to know that their pet has an outstanding pedigree, ranking him to a cat or dog elite. When Libra appears a pet, you can be sure that he will be raised and maintained, bringing joy to the whole family.

Scorpio Small Scorpion most will like the animal is moving, and energetic as he. If you want to get him a dog, it should not be a dog and not a poodle, and at least the Fox Terrier or Spaniel. It will not frighten and exotic animals. And tied to your pet, your child will be ready to invest your heart and soul into the care of a loved animal. Directing his efforts, you will help him to educate himself so he needs patience and consistency.

For a typical Sagittarius Sagittarius all life is a celebration. Children Sagittarians are genuine interest for all things, so any pet bring them joy. Better – active, cheerful and funny. Many Sagittarians love dogs and horses. Caring for a pet, your child will surprise you not only the warmth of caring, but nowhere grafted knowledge about animals – after all, Sagittarius is committed since childhood to know how msgno more about what interests him.

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