The benefit of friendship between children and Pets

A well-known fact that kids and Pets get along well together. Most children just love kittens, puppies, hamsters and Guinea pigs. There is a family that from generation to generation has already been made to have in the house Pets. Child birth is in the company of four-legged friends, and can’t even imagine that there is different.

But not everyone has the opportunity to buy a puppy or kitten because of time constraints, or from a mere reluctance to Tinker. Usually in such cases the children clamoured, and sometimes require to have a hamster, fish, parrot, dog, chinchilla, well, at least someone! The list can be continued indefinitely. To acquire a living being, a true friend to communicate with him.

Animals are friends, not toys

The beneficial effect of animals on children’s psyche proved a long time ago. Living beings create a sense of mental equilibrium and complete fusion with nature. We must not forget that the co-existence of the child and the pet will not be as perfect. First of all, it is a huge responsibility. We must teach the child not to torture representative of the animal world, and show how to properly care.

Definitely proven that dogs positively influence kids with autism, helping them better adapt to the environment. When attention deficit disorder active child horoscopical becomes noticeable when petting a dog, talking to him.

But if the dog lives next to the future mother, the child in the womb produced certain antiallergenic. So the baby after its birth is unlikely to suffer from allergic reactions. Before buying the animal, you need to think carefully about who you want. Parents are required to monitor the way your child behaves with other animals. It is clear that the responsibility will fall entirely on the shoulders of the parent. Acquiring a new family member, you need to show how to properly handle the pet. So children will better understand, what is responsibility, compassion.

Why should you get Pets

The long-awaited purchase of a puppy – a happy event in a child’s life. He begged mom and dad to decide on such a step. The puppy needs not only to feed and water, but also to walk several times a day. It is the perfect excuse to invite home classmates and friends. What a pleasure, to show your dog, give to pet, and along with a nice chat.

While walking is pretty easy to get acquainted with other students or owners of other dogs. Dogs, definitely, will help the young person become more open, sociable, sociable. These qualities will be useful in the future, will help in the ability to build good relationships. Isolation and the inability to communicate has never made anyone good.

Cats – known natural healers. Many owners of furry cuties to notice that those invariably come to the rescue if you have poor health.

Cats lie on the affected area and, in the literal sense, begin to “work doctors”. They literally absorb negative energy, instead of giving his positive. And it’s nice to feel the purring lump perched on the couch. And cats have a weakness for empty cardboard boxes, arranging there a kind of a cosy “nest”.

The child will never be bored, don’t be scared to stay home without parents. And active play with the kitten will have a positive impact on children’s motor skills. Scientists have proven that if you have animals, children practically do not suffer from allergies. The extent of allergic reactions throughout the world continually increase. The animals here and care about people.If it is not possible to buy a four-legged friend or even a hamster, you can always buy an aquarium.

Of course, you need to feed the fish, change the water, wash. But it’s worth it. The aquarium has an amazing ability to give peace and comfort. So nice to watch the floating fish, watch their behavior. This water world is literally mesmerizing and develops child’s sense of beauty.

Use for four-legged child development

If you have children, there are various psychological disorders, in close contact with a dog or cat will help to correct the condition. Fears, unwillingness to communicate, anxiety, which mostly arise as a result of family conflicts and disputes, gradually pass. It is from the animals the children may have what they lack is the unconditional love. Love without conditions, without penalties, requiring excellent grades or success in sports.

Only animals have such an amazing feature to love just for who you are. They no matter a poor man or rich, beautiful or not, on what rung of the social ladder he is.

Pet stimulate and develop children’s thinking. From a very early age the child learns new shapes and colors. But in older age, there is growing interest not only to animals but also to plants. Becomes interested in all without exception, where giraffes live, what are the nearest relatives of raccoons, why wormwood is called wormwood, and why she is bitter. Every day there are new discoveries.

The wildlife is wonderful. Animals our smaller brethren, we in the answer for those whom are accustomed to. The expressions we hear since childhood. But all is not as perfect and simple as it may seem. You should not look at it in the pink glasses. Animal house is a full member of the family and not a toy. Taking a living being yourself, don’t forget about the responsibility. The child looks at your attitude towards the pet, and begins to relate in the same way.

How to avoid the danger

Let’s say you clearly chose for your family, what kind of pet the most appropriate in all respects. Let’s say you decide to purchase a puppy of a certain breed. In no case should not go on about the emotions. You should carefully approach to the selection of the breed, read relevant literature, consult with professional breeders. Puppies of all breeds are very sweet and beautiful. But we must not forget that there are some breeds that you do not want to purchase the family with the baby. Serious breeds require a mandatory course of training, often have an independent nature. It is best to talk with experts in the breeding and purchase rock Laramie with the children.

Try to look very carefully at the health of dogs, cats, Guinea pigs and others. Regularly visit the vet, let’s vermifuges, often examine the skin, ears and teeth. Eye inflammation also should not be ignored.

If in the house there was a newborn and already have Pets, watch closely for their reaction. Representatives of the animal world are often very passionate about the new object of love of the owners.

If your toddler is still too young, he was barely 2 years, it is better to wait until he grows up. At this age children are very mobile and do not realize that can accidentally harm the hamster or the rabbit. If the animal previously lived in the house, it is quite able to stand up for yourself, or time will run away from the little “tyrant”.

Encourage your child to wash their hands after contact with the kitten or puppy. Better just wash your hands together, leading by example.

As often as possible wash your home floors. Wet cleaning should be conducted literally every day. Clean – the guarantee of health.

For security and your own peace of mind never leave the baby and pet alone. Otherwise creates a potentially dangerous situation, because the behavior of both is impossible to predict.

To buy a pet or not, everyone decides for themselves individually. You need to carefully consider this important step, considering not only positive but also negative aspects.

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