Responsibility for animals

There are people worse than dogs direct, sorry. People who want only their own interests and desires. Wanted – bought a dog, don’t like kicked out. Yes, better if put in a shelter or given to a neighbor who has mitigated the circumstances and possible consequences. But when you throw a helpless animal on the street with “stuff”, for example, judging by the fact that our Sweetheart (male Chinese crested, was found in overalls) no one is looking, he was sent to live outside in his jumpsuit. In General, clothed, shod the dog and get out. The height of cynicism. Probably, such people always were, are and will be. And there’s nothing you can do but submit another example.

Here is a recent case on PC – the woman gave the dog to a shelter. We successfully found him a home, loving owners. The dog’s name is BIM. Once after living in an apartment and the status of pet to the shelter, where a huge number of fellow sufferers, and workers do not have enough time for each, his nervous system has passed a stress and immunity falls. Only imagine, from the couch to move into the cell, albeit separate, but in a strange place, where everything is someone else’s! Fear and anguish read in his eyes. We took care of him as best I could. While he waited his happiness at PC, he was under a lot of stress, bad suffered castration, imagetable. BIM realized that he had been betrayed. Betrayed that he was ready to give life – favorite mistress.

Bike lucky – he stayed with us. Felt sorry for him and love a wonderful woman Irina. She came with her son and chose BIMCO and kitten Levu. A new family of BIM, faced with the decline of his health, left him in this period, but devoted a lot of his time, effort and money on the treatment of dogs. They returned Bike faith in man. And most importantly – life. Left on the PCB, Bhim has not survived. He just didn’t fight. But in Irina he saw and felt HIS man.

BIM is now a healthy, happy and loves Irina and her young son. But he remains one is crying and is frightened that he will leave again. Here’s a trace in his psyche was left by the previous owner.

And then calling the woman who left BIMCO on PC – his former mistress and commanding tone says to the dog, we returned her. Like, she felt sad and bad without it, and the circumstances under which she left the dog (each shift of workers heard a different version) has changed and she wants to pick it up.

And the fact that the dog had to endure, it is not really confused, I think. And the fact that the dog is already other people who have managed to experience BIMCO, too, didn’t matter. “Terrorism” with her lasted about three weeks with daily connections to all their friends and relatives. Periodically calls so far. No arguments had not persuaded of dishonesty of her action.

The dog is not a toy! Can’t and don’t want to call such actions – the actions of the adult adequate person responsible for your life.

Responsibility. What is it? Responsibility is maturity. In life we are much more likely to face liability than it seems. The responsibility for your life. What I do here and now is my responsibility. And if something goes wrong, I’m not saying that to blame the neighbor, I say my fault and no one else. If I made a mistake – I’m not saying that to blame the neighbor, I correct my mistake and will neutralize the effects, and not saying that it’s all fixed neighbor.

In the case of BIM, it would be foolish to return the dog to the former owners that are so irresponsible attitude to animal. The work of the staff of SDN is not only to be quick to give all the animals here, we are looking for CARING owners wards. The goal is to find a loving family, not any.

Yeah, to be independent and to take responsibility for their decisions is not easy, it is too grown-up. But, in liability there are lots of positive aspects. You become better when you take responsibility for your actions. You become stronger, wiser, and sometimes richer, more successful. Yes, of course, the richer you become and, primarily, within.

If you look around, look at successful people, you’ll find those successful people who took responsibility for others, for animals, for all living things. Happy family, if the father took responsibility for all members of his family, the head of the company takes responsibility for subordinates, if he is a good leader, the enterprise will prosper and subordinates will be happy.

How much responsibility you can carry so much power and you will receive, and it is the law of our life, the law of this world.

We make the choice themselves, so it is foolish to blame circumstances in your life, the government, bosses, parents, friends, random passer-by – someone else, but not yourself. So we hide from the bitter truth about himself – as weak infantile personality, which avoids difficulties. And instead of solve their problems, prefers to play the victim of circumstances, which should in all fairness take pity and reward for the damage suffered.

Be happy and don’t be afraid to take responsibility. It’s perfect!

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