Rat. A wild rat.

Wild rat called the Norway rat. Beauty is representative of mammals. Rat length of 20 cm, and weighs up to 500 g. The specimen that exceeds these dimensions is already a giant rat. Norway rat with age becomes red, while the fur is initially more grey-brown than grey. The rat is an amazing animal, it can adapt to any conditions, eat, chew, lives almost across the globe, although the birthplace of the rat, Southeast Asia. The tail of the rat, just a symbol of abomination and aversion, though I don’t think so.

Active mainly from dusk, the rat is unique, it changes your circadian rhythm, adjusting to the lifestyle of its major neighbours – people. A rat in the house – a common sight any time. In the wild the rat leads the group way of life, although there are exceptions. The biggest rat (male) is the “king” of the family. The group formed a strict hierarchy dominated by males. The group maintains its colonial lifestyle and owns a certain territory, which fiercely protect. City rats don’t need large area, so not removed from the nest too far, under conditions of abundance of food. For example, in rats in Moscow, only move around a single home, not trying to capture more territory. Rats are very smart and have a good memory. They simply orentiruyutsya of complex sewer systems, remember your way and always know where they can hide. Rats run fast and constantly in motion. The rat swims well, according to some, this animal can be in water up to 70 hours, in addition, the rodent is able to dive and stay under water some time, and even hunt in the water column. Although the weak point of the rat – vision. Rats the eye effectively is not needed, the main thing is the nose. A wild rat will never be the home rat. Brand manual can only be a decorative rat. To buy a rat at any pet store. These days, all the white rats and blue rats are very popular as Pets. Large rats are not popular, now everybody is looking to have a baby.

The world of the rats were expanded with the development of seafaring. The destruction of rats has not helped any country to get rid of this rodent. Black rats were also widely distributed, but the gray rats had been deported and had survived almost from the open wild fields and forests. Pictures rat can often be found everywhere, rats are used as Pets or enemies in games, for example Skyrim rat. A lot of rats mentioned in the literature.

In rats there is such a thing as allogrooming – cleaning wool one individual to another. This behavior is common among mammals, who lead group a way of life. Rats announce their status not only social behavior, but even with the help of metabolic products in the urine specimen contains pheromones that tell other individuals about the status of group member. Rats are known disease carriers, so if bitten by a rat, we should immediately see a doctor, if a rat attacked a pet, respectively, immediately take the animal to a veterinary clinic. Against rats there is only one defense – caution. Dead rat is a bad sign, go around doing such things. The pet rat is the perfect Discerner of the taste of the food, and therefore prefer something that tastes better. It is designed for all poisons, designed against the rat. Beast rat is not capable of regurgitating swallowed food, so eating the poison, rat doomed to death if the eating of neutralizing substances (clay, mud, etc.) will not help in treating the rats. The secret of the rats in their ability to adapt quickly, so if the rat ate the poison for rats that survived, the second time the poison won’t hurt her.

Domestic rats live to 3 years, mostly 1.5 – 2 years. Manual rats divided into varieties. So, varieties of fancy rats and names of rats:

The standard rat – a common rat.

Tailless rats a standard rat is the lack of a tail.

Satin – contrast to standard rats is elongated wool.

Dumbo is in contrast to standard rats is rounded ears.

The Sphinx — unlike the standard rat is the lack of wool. Let’s say a little fluff on bare skin.

Curly — contrast to standard rats is shortened hair.

Rats also differ in coloring wool. The girl rat is usually active and even more aggressive than a boy rat. Young rats easily learn tricks and are very sociable.

Where to buy a rat I told you at the pet store. Be sure to inspect purchased pet and ensure his benevolence. Better to take two rats.

How to care for a rat? Simply! First you need to pick names for the rats, then make sure that the dog. parrot. pet cat and rat can get along, then to purchase a house for your pet, and then you should buy a rat.

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