Popular types of pet turtles

Homemade turtles, which are very diverse, are very popular with fans of live parts. Although these reptiles are completely wild, in adulthood, almost unable to grasp the content in captivity, the demand for them is growing steadily. If you take a turtle a little, she gets used to you, will take food from hand, and it will delight you with their amusing games. To provide proper care to the pet, be sure to know how to keep a turtle at home.

All turtles are divided into two types: water and land. Kinds of water turtles are much more diverse than the species of tortoises. This article will answer the question what are the types of turtles adapted for home detention, and which reptile is the most popular.

Species diversity

There is no sense to enumerate all the species of water tortoises or their relatives. Species diversity of reptiles is just amazing. At the moment, scientists believe that there are more than 300 types of reptiles. Every view is definitely something different, whether it be the structure or shell of the animal, coloring, habitat. Animal lovers often choose to content types of aquatic turtles.

Slider turtle

Perhaps the slider turtle is the most popular representative of the reptile of choice for keeping in captivity. This bug has krasnovato, located near the ears – it deserved its name. Slider turtle –aquatic species of reptiles, so its content implies the presence of a large aquarium. But we should not forget about the arrangement of a small islet, on which the animal would periodically go out for a vacation.

The average length of pond slider turtles no more than 30 cm reptile Feeds on animal food: the fry of fish, small fish with bones, shrimp, small crustaceans. You can give your pet insect larvae and small frogs. For a change of diet is not superfluous to add in a plant. With proper care, slider turtle will be very mobile. If you expect the contents of several individuals, the purpose of funny games pet you provided.

Central Asian tortoise

Types of tortoises are quite diverse. One of their representatives is Central Asian tortoise. This reptile is characterized by its slowness. Color tortoise – beige-yellow, sometimes black blotches are present. The length of the carapace of the animal is 20-25 cm At the moment this kind reptiles in the red data Book, but it still remains the most popular form of tortoises.

To keep the house, prepare the Central Asian tortoise enclosure volume of at least 100 liters. Necessarily the presence of soil. It is desirable to fill a fairly large amount of sand or pebbles – tortoises love to dig burrows. The diet of reptiles must be composed entirely of plant foods. Give meat pet cannot. Only occasionally, as an exception, you can pamper it insect larvae in minimal quantities.

The Chinese trioniks

Increasingly gaining popularity of this type of turtle as trioniks Chinese. The main distinguishing feature of reptiles is in its shell. Trioniks Chinese refers to the soft-shelled turtle contract. On the carapace are completely absent horn plates, he is swathed in leather. However, soft armor does not prevent to show reptiles to their very aggressive nature.

Trioniks Chinese has very powerful jaws. Though turtles have teeth replace the horn plates, the bite of this reptile can be very noticeable and will lead to injury. That is why it is recommended to purchase a pet at a young age. Trioniks Chinese in the red Book, however, many pet stores try to ignore it and continue to trade this kind of reptiles.

The European marsh turtle

Kinds of water turtles, suitable for home maintenance, adds another representative of the animal world – the European marsh turtle. Its main distinguishing feature – and the shell, and the body of the animal is painted black. Only some places you can find yellow stripes or dots, but they’re very subtle.

For content pet necessary large aquaterrarium with a little island sushi. Pet nutrition should be balanced, the diet must be vegetable, animal food.

Musk turtle

It attracts lovers of reptiles for several reasons. First, it is considered representative of small turtles. The length of its shell does not exceed 14 cm. secondly, the reptile has a very interesting appearance that is striking in its originality.

All of this is homemade turtles, which are very diverse. Actually contain at home can be absolutely any reptile, the main thing is to create the right conditions. However the most popular is the above turtles.

Types of water turtles and land turtles are very diverse. World of reptiles very interesting. If you explore it, you can learn a lot of new information. For example, you can affect the size of the smallest turtles. The appearance of some reptiles will not leave you indifferent. If you wish to make such a fine pet, like a turtle, interested in the lives of reptiles.

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