Plants dangerous for cats

The collective efforts of subscribers ehokonferentsii Pvt. CAT.CLUB was assembled this list. I would like to make a reservation at once that the toxicity of some plants on this list is questionable, however, this is exactly the case when it is better to be safe than neostrata. Better neutral the plant is attributed to venomous rather than poisonous – to neutral. So.

A list of plants that are dangerous, toxic and conditionally toxic to cats:

Asali(e)I, she’s Rhododendron (Azalea)

Aconite (Wrestler) (Aconitum L.) (drugstore, wolf, plain, colorful, etc. in short, all kinds)

Asparagus sparzhevidny. he also asparagus (Asparagus asparagoides)

Asparagus Sprenger (“chill”) (Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri)

Colchicum (aka Colchicum) (Colchicum L)

Wolfsbane (see Aconite) (Aconitum L.)

Buxus, he’s Boxwood (Buxus)

Cicuta (Hemlock) Cicuta Virosa (L.)

Outnobody heliotrope (Heliotropium lasiocarpum F.)

Geraniums, aka Pelargonium

Gidrangeya, she is the Hydrangea (Hydrangea)

Wisteria (Wistaria) (Wistaria)

Hortense, she Gidrangeya (Hydrangea)

Digitalis (Foxglove) (Digitalis L.)

Dieffenbachia (“silent cane”, “mother in law”) (Diffenbachia)

Zantedeschia, she Calla (Zantedeschia)

Iris (“iris”) (Iris)

Cactus-candelabra(cleistocactus Candelilla)

Euphorbia tirucalli “pencil Cactus”, (Euphorbia tirucalli)

The peyote cactus (Lophophora Williamsii)

Calendula officinalis (“marigolds”) (Calendula officinalis)

Calla, she’s Zantedeschia (Zantedeschia)

Colocasia (“elephant ears”) (Colocasia)

Colchicum (Colchicum) (Colchicum L.)

Crocus (Saffron) (Crocus)

Laurel (Laurus nobilis L.)

Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocherasus)

Buttercup (“Chicken blindness”) (Ranunculus L.)

The spurges (Euphorbia) – all types, including Poinsettia (E. Pulcherrima)

Hellebore (Helleborus) (Christmas rose)

Sea onion (Scillae bulbus)

Foxglove, aka digitalis (Digitalis L.)

Oleander (Nerium oleander)

Mistletoe (V. album L.)

Holly (“Holly”) (Ilex)

Nightshade (“Jerusalem cherry”) (Solanum capiscastrum)

Lozhnoperechny nightshade (Solanum pseudocapsicum)

Pelargonium, geranium (Pelargonium)

Boston ivy, also known as Parthenocissus, also known as “parthenocissus trehstakannoy” (Parthenocissus tricuspidata)

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