Pets: when and whom to start?

“Mom, buy an elephant! Well, please buy! Well, the very, very small. At least you’re not an elephant, and a dog? Or a cat! Or parrot! Well, at least a Guinea pig or hamster! Yes figs with him – though let’s fish!”

Sooner or later almost every parent faces the child’s request to have a pet. Not surprising, because the man wants to feel like for someone with a master, a friend, an older friend. To realize the need to take care, to take care of. And if younger sisters or brothers are often perceived as competitors for the attention of moms and dads, Pets, and also everyone’s favorite – the best candidates for such a role.

The “aggravation” of desire usually happen after the zoo, circus or guests – the lucky owners of animals. And after watching movies about animals like “lassie”, “Beethoven” or “the Girl and the Fox”.

My daughter, for the beautiful evil face and a crafty disposition I call the Fox is crazy for these animals, and obsessed with a desire to have the house the Fox. The younger son is more traditional and is dreaming about the dog breed “nonsense Aha Aha” (Chihuahua Hua). And the average unobtrusive hints about a Panda, a Koala bear or brown bear.

To please everyone can only be settled at the local zoo. To dismiss or not from the desire of the child to acquire their own “smaller brother” is resonatory parent. But if there are no obvious medical contraindications such as Allergy to wool and animal selection, living together with your pet for only a positive impact on the emotional development of the baby.

Infantile children, taking care of it, “pumped” responsibility. Closed and uncommunicative will find a common language with their own dog, who will never betray and will listen to about all the children’s resentment. And confidence in his infinite, unconditional love will make the child stronger and more confident.

For a child with disabilities is four-footed or winged friend, and it may become one of the most important people in the world. There are even special types of psychotherapy – Delfino – and hippotherapy (contact with dolphins and horses). Some psychosomatic diseases and mental disorders are treated or corrected much easier and faster with the addition of this method in the treatment regimen.

Why parents often deny their children happiness of owning a “pet”?

The most common causes – fear of inconveniences (dirt, torn Wallpaper, bad smell, “wool throughout the apartment”), fear of contamination, disgust (say, “Ah, from animals you could get an infection, worms, fleas and bird flu. And from the frogs and did the hands appear warts”) and the reluctance to create additional problems. Because the child in a week “enough” and forget about their vows to walk the dog in any weather at six in the morning or in a timely manner to take out the tray, and all the delights of the care will fall on the overworked shoulders of the parent.

And in many ways, these parents are right. If child is 10-12 years, it is likely that the main burden will still be on you.

My best friend (at that time still childless) time is also a big animal lover. A dog in a small apartment she to have dared, and besides busy schedule would not adequately take care of her and walk the necessary amount of time. Then he and my mom decided to have a kitten. The next day she had brought for the occasion bought five rubles and the ginger robber Taras and mother at this same time a neighbor called fluffy beauty the SIM card. And in a year with a friend happened a long-awaited pregnancy, which resulted in the birth of twins Luba and Tap dance.

When children learned to walk, the cats had to go underground, and Tanya complained: “Imagine, I only put the children and trembling with fatigue legs delirium to the kitchen to drink tea, as with all slots start to get cats to run around and demand food and affection. I just never have enough strength!”

To the solution of the “school” pet must be approached responsibly. After all, you do not choose a toy that is “if” you can throw on a shelf, out of the way. And not a new TV with a potential return to the store if you get bored. So, please, reread “the Little Prince”, get ready for a long time to be responsible for what we have tamed and run through these points before saying a firm “no” or “Yes”.

• Who would be your pet? The decision should be made collectively as a family. Do not go on about the son who wants to have a huge spider, if dad suffers from arangatuy. Unless, of course, to become a single mother is not in your immediate plans. And it is hardly necessary to lead in a Studio malogabaritkoy Caucasian shepherd dog. Need to relate their desires and opportunities.

• The scourge of allergic reactions. If you decide to have, for example, the parrot – look for the first opportunity to closely patentactivation with a bird. Visiting friends or the pet store. Touch, “smell”, listen to the reaction of the organism. The need to give someone an animal that managed to fall in love, if one of the family members will occur allergies, can become the child’s real tragedy.

• Learn all you can about the content of the selected animal. About food, vaccinations, education, and necessary care.

• Talk to the child about what from your pet, he will not only play whenever I want. And with his emergence will occur and new responsibilities. But be, as the pioneer, prepared for the fact that most of them will be on you.

So whom to choose? Because all animals are so cute! If your child clearly knows that he wants a dog (and maybe even specific breeds), then it is better to have it and make. Of course, if you housing, and no relative comes in asthmatic cough after contact with the dog.

If the child has desired a certain exotic or even magical beast, then it will be useful to understand how the choice was made. For example, Koala – moving, phlegmatic and soft Teddy bear, who wants to cuddle. But he is listed in the Red book and in General can only live in Australia because it feeds mostly on eucalyptus leaves, which we have in Central Russia big strained. The role of “soft Kaduna” can make both the cat and dog some quiet breed. But if you’re ready for some exotic – think about the chinchilla.

By the way, a little about fashion in a variety of exotic animals. As he said the words Kipling Mowgli: “Everyone should live in his pack”. A wild animal will always remain wild and unpredictable, even if you took him very young.

So I would highly not recommended to take initially non-domesticated animals in the house as a pet for a child. Today they can play with the baby and to fawn on me, and tomorrow to “hunt” for his feet. Or simply bite or scratch. Of course, if you are not Persian Sheikh, to be able to contain an aviary with the Panthers and a garden with peacocks.

In conclusion I want to say that the joy which give us “smaller brothers”, as well as the unique experiences of kindness and responsibility for our children more than compensate for some of the disadvantages associated with caring for a pet.

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