West highland white Terrier in Khabarovsk! Hello everyone! Well, that is the time when you can afford to have a pet. After a lengthy study, the choice fell on West highland white Terrier. But it was not. 12:33, November 18, Pets

Inhabitants Of Chita. Holders allowed. Dear Chitintsy)))please Tell me how much it costs now to put the vaccination Nobivac Nobivac Rabies and the Specific trio and how much for a veterinary certificate to transport a pet. 04:00, November 9, Pets

Do you believe that the green in Khabarovsk themselves protravlivayut dogs? The last time I was plagued by doubts about the adequacy of green. Recently somewhere in the corner of my eye evidentially. what they protravlivayut dogs to attract attention and money. 18:06, 29 October Pets

A pet cemetery in Khabarovsk (URGENT. ) I lost my girl, my light. I’d hate to think about having to throw it away as garbage cudda anything. And the weather does not allow a long time to think. Please answer: in Khabarovsk cemetery home. 02:55, 18 October Pets

The dog Zornitsa and smells like wool (( Khabarovsk tell me what it could be: the dog began to itch like crazy. Fleas not. Just in case, washed it with shampoo, she was administered. It only got worse serti became oily and smell like wet dog. 04:37, 9 October Pets

Where to buy dwarf rabbit? Hello! Prompt, where in Khabarovsk you can buy a dwarf rabbit? Are there specialized nurseries or just breeders? Was already a few pet stores, but they sell. 09:53, 4 October Pets

Please help! – need to attach a puppy so today this animal saw in me their mom. Stupid kids stole it from wool mother to play, and left near the entrance. Of course I could not pass up and now. 13:41, 22 September Pets

Cat big, beautiful, affectionate Someone nice, big very beautiful meowing cat? Matthew was running around on the carriageway amongst cars, straight on the road and screaming hysterically. We picked it up, drove to the clinic, fed, washed. The cat was. 20:49, 21 September Pets

Can you give dogs raw meat-eaters? Does anyone know – can you give dogs raw meat-eaters? 13:55, 21 September Pets

Will give kittens in all colours in good hands, and will take you to any area! The situation of SOS. People from the hospital Twinkie bred in their territory and cats do not do them, from eating only rice and leftover soup. Animal protection organization took help in adoption of kittens. 12:11, September 2, Pets

will give the kitten a Kitten 1,5 months blue eyes gray black ears and black tail,mom Thai cat,dad unknown.Neat,smart,playful koteska 89294066821 23:43, 1 September Pets

Kittens looking for home. August 25, dusherazderayuschey I heard the cries of kittens coming from the garbage cans. Looking closely, I saw near the tank and moving the package from him, trying to get a kitten. 11:39, 27 August Pets

On OST at Regional hospital of Krasnodar St. white found grey cat. August 15 at Regional hospital of Krasnodar str (obosnovat) found grey and white cat, she sat there all day, I see her there fed. Manual tray goes. Hung O. announcements 11:31, 26 August Pets

Give in good hands kitten with a vulgar pattern on the back very pretty Kitty with beautiful face and very funny from the back! Symmetrical pattern reminiscent. Also there are kittens in the assortment, striped normal, black / white, and red, to a tray are accustomed. Only V. 22:32, 22 August Pets

Give a young kitten 8 months old, neutered Give in good hands only in an apartment or cottage with a fence to floor (with limited space). Many are crushed by cars and dogs nibbled by cats, so such requirements. Cat B. 13:57, 13 August Pets

Looking for a house for apartment dogs Face, a mix of Dachshund and English Spaniel. 10 months, sterilizovanny, accustomed to the paddock. Dog sociable, affectionate, loves children and other Pets good. I will give only kind, caring. 10:47, 24 July Pets

Beware walking in the southern district Dear residents of houses along the Irtysh travel, street Uritskogo. This morning one woman was poisoning stray dogs in the area, one dog died in front of me, in the bushes was another dead. 09:29, 8 July Pets

Dogs without muzzles and without leads on the Amur Boulevard Every night I go to work on the Amur Boulevard, and every night I watch walking next to small children the owners walk their enormous wolfhounds different people, often without leashes I. 12:12, 7 July Pets

Could you suggest a good vet clinic or veterinarian Should a young cat to do sterilization, then to not stuff it with horrible pills and not stabbing each time painful of the ampoule. Where in Khabarovsk it is better and safer to do the surgery the cat? 12:59, 2 July Pets

Redhead kitty in good hands Given the neutered cat accustomed to the tray and also her kitten boy 2 months tel 89144091607 Svetlana 11:14, 1 July Pets

Please help to find a German shepherd dog (lost the innear the railway station). June 12, near the railway station lost male German shepherd. The dog problem with the front limbs — much falls on the front feet. There is a possibility that the dog sheltered. 16:45, 22 June Pets

How to persuade wife to have a dog? My son and dream about the dog breed husky. The question is how to persuade the wife and mother in such a pet? Said that all worries, they say, she would be. Me what you like, little? All childhood promayavshis -. 06:01, 6 June Pets

Buy raccoon buy raccoon or tell me where to get it. Repaint the cat does not offer. the paint is coming off fast( 20:09, 29 may Pets

Dobermann with pedigree, looking for Fans of the breed, does Habarovski breeders of Dobermans, worthy of trust? Recently breeding in our country is in a bad mentality. Looking for a healthy puppy with strong nerves to. 05:48, 18 may Pets

The old dog doesn’t eat My dog in may for fifteen years. She eats nothing(( Just. I have to feed from the hand, then she begins to eat a little. Driving to the vet with payday, but payday is still three. 02:01, 12 may Pets

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West highland white Terrier in Khabarovsk! Hello everyone! Well, that is the time when you can afford to have a pet. After a lengthy study, the choice fell on West…

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What to feed an Alaskan Malamute
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