Parasites in the body of domestic animals are dangerous to humans

Pets there are many people. Most often they are the most genuine member of the family. Pets help you cope with the feeling of loneliness, care for them and give them love and affection. The decision to bring home a living creature should be well-thought and balanced. This applies particularly to families with young children.

The animal should not play the role of a toy, as he very much desired the sincere care and love. But beyond that, one should always remember that a pet can be a potentially dangerous source of various parasites. Almost never the owners do not think about what harm can cause these organisms to other members of the family. And for good reason! Well, tell you what threatens the parasites in the body of domestic animals are dangerous to humans.

Cats and dogs due to a permanent location outdoors can be carriers of dipilidiosis. A person can pick up from them and toxoplasmosis. It is a common feline disease that does not threaten a healthy person and can cause the common cold.

But if it strikes a pregnant woman, the consequences of this illness can be catastrophic, up to serious deformities of the fetus and miscarriage. That is why pregnant women are strongly advised not to communicate closely with members of the cat. Consoling factor is that immunity to Toxoplasma persists for life.

Almost all domashneeporno can be carriers of worms. After contact of a person with a sick individual may pass eggs of worms and, consequently, infection.

In the gastro-intestinal tract is the emergence and development of the larvae, which begin to actively move throughout the body. Parasites in the body can enter the bloodstream, traveling through the blood vessels, and to continue to develop in all internal organs.

Some of them can choose their place of residence even a human brain. While moving around the body, the larvae can compromise the integrity of tissues, resulting in inflammatory processes of allergic nature.

In order to protect themselves and their Pets from infection by helminths, observe some simple safety rules. Do not feed dogs and cats raw or dried fish.

It can be infected by metacercariae of parasites. As a result, your pet may become the carrier of opistorhisov that are parasitic in the tissues of the pancreas and liver. The initial stage of infection by these organisms is accompanied by a General deterioration, vomiting, and dizziness. After they can cause blockage of the bile ducts and induce the development of tumors in the biliary system.

Raw fish can also lead to infection clonorchiasis. In humans this disease is extremely rare, but nevertheless possible. The disease is manifested by pain in the upper abdomen and fever. In the absence of timely treatment of serious inflammatory process in the gallbladder, accompanied by various complications, as well as hepatic lesions.

Animal, brought from the street, can be a potential carrier of rabies. This disease is transmitted in saliva. Also a bite can be a mode of transmission of leptospirosis. The latter takes place in dogs and cats with no visible symptoms.

If the virus gets into human blood, then very soon there is an infringement of work of nervous system and many organs. If you suspect leptospirosis required urgent hospitalization in the infectious Department.

Animals are carriers of fleas, and they in turn suffer many different viral infections as well as helminth eggs. In the handling of Pets from these parasites should pay attention to, and General repair areas. Remember that flea eggs can remain alive for several months.

Another unpleasant parasite of Pets is mites. This insect can be found anywhere – the Park, backyard, conventional street. Sometimes the tick can be brought in on shoes or clothing of the hosts.

There are different kinds of these parasites, some of them may quickly, within few days, cause the death of your pet. Some ticks are very dangerous to humans.

They can be carriers of various diseases – tick-borne encephalitis or Lyme disease, and subcutaneous mites may cause itching and rash, accompanied by fever.

And we all stroke your cat or dog, smooch with them… and so occupy animal parasites of man. Just not following the obvious rules of hygiene we ourselves give rise to infection uninvited guests.

If we consider all the available information about parasites inherent in pet, you can take steps to prevent infection. Do not allow unnecessary contact of your Pets with other individuals.

It is necessary to conduct timely examinations and vaccinations and to prevent a possible infection. You can also use various antiparasitic means, which are collars, drops, sprays, shampoos, etc.

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