How to choose home rodent

The desire to get a pet can strike at any age. And if the cats and dogs we all have a General idea, then smaller animals are often known only by the Windows of pet stores. Meanwhile, home-rodent – beast is almost perfect for apartment: movements limited to, stains, respectively, only in the cage, withdraw to walk is not necessary, it is possible to communicate the mood. But there are nuances in every decision, so let me propose the conclusions from our own limited experience.

Pet rodents and children

To make little animals for a small child can not be categorically. “A hamster for three year olds” is irresponsible and a crime against the child and against a living creature in a cage. Horror stories with swallowed by the hamsters appeared not on an empty place, and doctors-the vets can tell stories about “the child snapped hamster”. Do you really want to provide your baby with such memories?

To have a pet can and should, as soon as the child clearly will begin to grasp the concept that a living being can be hurt and offended and will distinguish the animal from toys. In this case, homemade pesto will become a true friend to the child and joy for the whole family, and is indispensable in the formation of a sense of responsibility. All children are different, but the age of five, must be to think this way.

So, the choice of rodent

Hamster, rabbit, Guinea pig, rat, chinchilla or degu? For those who have no clear preferences,will paint the main features of each animal that may affect the choice.

Hamster – you won’t believe the beast night and quite aggressive. He, of course, tiny and cheap, but during the day will sleep, buried in the litter, and entertain you especially don’t want to. If you take a few, has a chance encounter with bloody showdowns and fratricide. And so the variety of options at the destruction of hamsters became a legend.

Released in the room, easily lost in remote places, can chew valuables or wiring. But – it eats and shits a little (because small), and easily and inexpensively replaced by an identical copy in the event of untimely death, to minimize moral trauma for the child.

Decorative rabbits and Guinea pigs are about the same in size and you can keep them together though. Personally, I prefer Guinea pigs – they somehow charming, though both beasts are equally stupid.

Communication richer than with the hamster, but the special miracles of training can be expected. And the rabbit left without attention and communication that can become very aggressive and even dangerous. Mumps those who are less brave and good-natured, but justify the name of the habit of many to eat and drink – and, accordingly, to poop and to pee. To remove they have almost every day.

The rat is a great man! Cheaper pig or rabbit, but way smarter. It’s a beast that can sit on your shoulder, unlike previous challengers, and with whom you can talk heart to heart. Savvy – passion! Eat everything. Of the minuses: short (three years), at the end of life is often painfully sore, and are tied thanks to the charm and intellect of the beast is terrible.

Another important point, which is shamefully silent laudatory articles about the cleanliness of rats. They don’t see well, and because of this can accidentally snap if sharply to wave your fingers near it again. And in order not to lose the right things and, most importantly, beloved master – mark. That’s two. Very sharp smelling urine, leaving stains. Mark all the rats and always, only – you might get lucky with this, which has almost no smell.

Luxury options for the price and beauty this is the chinchilla and degu (mini chinchillas). Expensive and cage for them (because squirrels need tall, with shelves for jumping), and feed, and sand bathing.

But these noble animals have virtually no smell and very carefully dropping – out of the cage, we began hearing smell, I think it is a month to clean. Excellent uptake and tamed, incredibly beautiful. Chinchillas do like the angelic creatures – the most delicate fur, paws without claws, charming look, ears, post – the eye does not take. Degu Philistia and muscular, with seemingly inconspicuous, but very interesting, especially if you have a couple.

We should not think that rodents are less deserving of the title of member of the family than cats and dogs are unique creatures, each with its own character.

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