Guinea pig: nutrition, care and maintenance

Each of us wants to have a real friend. Such a small and defenceless, requiring warmth and care, but that he was looking smart eyes and understood everything. Of course, it comes to mind the dog. But, alas, not everyone has the opportunity to keep a dog in the apartment and to give it the right amount of time. Budgie or some other small bird is a simpler and cheaper option. But a bird is a bird: chirp, wings flapping ― it seems to be nice, but no recoil. Hamster ― small. The cat is too skittish. And what to do?

Guinea pigs ― great friends, not demanding a staggering cost too much time. Moreover, they really are smart and responsive, playful and funny. These cute animals are not averse to “talk” with the owner. They produce the characteristic mood sounds similar to the chirping of birds or the water boiling in the kettle. And how they love to bask in the hands of the master, burying his pink nose right in her hands. Live Guinea pigs from 7 to 15 years with proper nutrition and content in General.

Care and sumerianjoki pigs

Many don’t want or can’t devote much time to your pet and try to choose the offspring that will require minimum time expenditure on care and maintenance. So, I want to warn at once, that caring for Guinea pigs will take a maximum of 4 hours per week. A lot? Then they see a Teddy bear, although it is also necessary to look will be to wash sometimes. Okay, a good laugh and the fact that You will take time:

On feeding in a day, you need 2-3 times to be given to animals.

Once a day open the cage for ventilation and easy cleaning of the feeder.

Litter should be changed 1 time per 3-4 days.

Every 3-4 days to devote to the examination of Guinea pigs (wouldn’t start anyone in the wool, no scars, and other painful symptoms on the body of the pet).

Preferably one every 3-4 days combing wool (if the pig is a purebred fluffy).

Once a week to do General cleaning in the cage.

To clip the nails should be every six months.

I think there is nothing complicated, even a child of eight can handle. By the way, this is the best animal for children from 7 years. Teach your children to animals and how to handle them.

Video about caring for a Guinea pig

The most important thing for the Guinea pigs warm room and a spacious cage. In nutrition they are not whimsical: carrots, cabbage, hay, oat main power source. But the main thing is not to overdo it! All should be in moderation. But exotic fruits, vegetables can lead to death, so it is better to avoid. Another important point ― Guinea pigs love to drink. It is therefore important that the cage was constantly drinking bowl with fresh drinking water. Also do not forget about chalk. Chalk is important for pigs, it’s their kind of BAD. Chalk is sold in small cubes on special holders in pet stores.

Despite its name, Guinea pigs have nothing in common with conventional pigs. On the contrary, they love cleanliness! Therefore, the litter should be used not only sawdust, but wood filler (the simplest and most inexpensive), which is usually bought for cat litter trays. Sawdust not absorb, and the filler absorbs more intensively, while destroying odors. However, it is worth remembering that the filler only in the corners of the cage, the rest of the surface of the bottom must fill in sawdust and hay. It is important not to forget fresh hay should always be in a cage! Besides that it is a very important nutrient for Guinea pigs, it serves as a pleasant distraction when Your pet becomes bored.

If you go to the country, bring your pet. Guinea pigs will be happy to have an active rest together with You! The main thing is to keep the pig no one got bit and hurt, so she didn’t run away, not eaten a bad, unwanted grass, not overheated and not hypothermia talking. Actually, it is not difficult. House for it can serve as an old wooden box without a bottom. It’s necessary to put on fresh, clean grass, and on top if necessary to cover a mosquito net (or old lace). Small caveat ― after each walk in the fresh air pet check for the absence of mites, as mites are a real scourge for these animals when zapuskanii hard to remove.

Detailed video about the animal:

House pet: a cage or terrarium

To contain the pet in the cage or regular cage, and each has its advantages. Of General can advise what housing should be, the more the better, but not less than 50 cm in length and 20 in width. These rodents love to move.

The advantages of the cage: thanks to its one-piece transparent plastic, there is no draft, not flying hay, food and other debris from Guinea pigs and they don’t chew on the bars ― no noise.

The advantages of the cage: the rodent you can play through the bars, more fresh air, you can open the door and pet will be able to go out for a walk and to return home, easier to furnish a house Guinea pig with feeder, drinker, hammock and other furniture.

Then the choice is yours, so much the better.

How to bathe a Guinea pig?

Despite the word “marine” in the name of these animals can swim they don’t like. This earthen rodents. But it happens that they should atone for, to make it better without fanaticism, try to wash only that part of the animal that is dirty, for example wool skonchalas on the back ground or something.

To do this in a small basin, pour water temperature of 30-38 °C three inches, no more. To bathe a Guinea pig carefully, the head is not wet. If necessary, you can use baby shampoo. After bathing wipe with a towel, if the apartment is cold (below 18 °C), you can use the hair dryer on the lowest temperature. If the Guinea pig with long hair, no hair dryer is not enough.

Dried animal place it in a clean, dry house with fresh hay. Very important after bathing a Guinea pig is very sensitive to drafts and cold, in principle, as people and other pet. Watch out it from drafts ― putting the cage in a warm place.

When the purchase should pay attention to the hair and eyes. The coat should be thick, shiny, and eyes ― not muddy, dry, and without suppuration. And, of course, think beforehand about your pet. The boys have one feature that will not every spirit, ― they mark territory, so new expensive carpet out will not be released!

Make those smart fluffies and enjoy socializing with them! As you can see, the challenges and nuances of the low, but positive attitude and frequent smile of tenderness on Your face guaranteed!

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