Fighting breed – properly called “Fighting dog breeds”.

Fighting breed dogs are strong and large dogs, which were intended for fighting in arenas (and even today in some countries, these fights are held). They become trusted friends and faithful companions.

Fighting dog breeds: list with pictures and names

Alabai is a large and powerful dog, excellent guards and hunters. Necessarily need a sports or long walks, otherwise the dog will wither away!

Akita inu – Japanese dog resulting from crossing breeds Akita and a German shepherd. Fighting breed, but today, the aggressiveness in her character is almost there. At least, if you take a puppy from a good breeder.

American bulldogs – dogs, which for many centuries guarded the cattle and were able to keep the bull (!), to the butcher he was stabbed. Incredibly powerful jaws and loyal character – that is characteristic of this breed.

Pit bull Terrier – in the eyes of many people who are new to this breed personally, the most dangerous creature on the planet. Actually, pit bull is a very loving, happy and faithful dog that is always willing to please its owner. Yes, this is a fighting breed of dog, but all depends on the owner and training.

English Mastiff is the largest breed fighting dogs (and generally the big dog) on the planet. These dogs fight career began back in the days of the Macedonian and today the Mastiff is ready to become a faithful friend to his master.

The Dogue de Bordeaux is strong, active and, when not raised properly, a fairly aggressive dog. Bordos worth taking only if You are 100% sure that you will be able to cope with it.

The bull Terrier is a dog that adores People. That is why the Terriers have achieved the kind of success as fighting breed dogs: they are entirely given to the selected Person. Accordingly, in a loving family bull Terrier will be the sweetest and kindest creature.

The Caucasian shepherd is a very strong dog that requires strict training, rigorous training and regular physical activity.

Remember that every dog is exactly what You brought up. With good and proper education and with proper training, any fighting breed dog will be your loyal friend and strong companion.

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