Feeding puppies at the age from 1,5 till 3 months

What to feed a puppy. In the first days after purchase – what the breeder was feeding. Can translate dog food natural complete food.

A growing body dogs require proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements. Dog for the first year of life intensively increases its weight (from 300 grams up to 30-40 pounds). Therefore, nutrition of the dog during this period you need to pay special attention that it has received all necessary for proper growth and development.

At the age of one and a half months to three puppy fed 5 times a day. Approximate diet like this:


The calcinated cottage cheese. Made from fresh milk. In one pint of hot milk add a tablespoon of 10% calcium chloride, or two tablespoons of 5%. For lack of calcium chloride can be crushed tablets of calcium gluconate or calcium lactate – about 5 tablets and pour in the hot milk. Heat, without boiling, stirring occasionally. The milk immediately curdled. The resulting curds are separated from whey with a slotted spoon. You can add in cottage cheese quail eggs (about three times a week – every day egg is not needed) and a half-teaspoon of honey. You can use ordinary fresh 9% cottage cheese, but you can dilute it with yogurt so it had a soft consistency. After 15 minutes, anything not eaten, nueropathy in the fridge – it needs to be done every time. If in 15 minutes the puppy has not eaten and has lost interest in food is to remove.

Meat with vegetables raw meat (beef or lean mutton) cut into pieces, pour boiling water. Mix with grated raw carrot and a small amount of sour cream or butter (carotene contained in carrots is absorbed only in the presence of fat is a fat – soluble vitamin).

Fish meatballs. Fish bones and pass through a grinder. Add a bit of wheat bran or cooked rice. You can add grated carrots or pumpkin. Roll meatballs and drop into boiling water. Cook for just a couple of minutes. Sea fish – cod, whiting, Pollack, etc.

Chicken with rice. Cook rice, boil chicken. Stir in 1:1 ratio with rice. Add a little butter. Dilute with broth to the consistency of a thick soup. When cooking chicken add a variety of vegetables – cabbage, carrot root

parsley. Vegetables finely chop and add to the soup. Salt a little less than myself.

In addition, the puppy needed daily to give brewer’s yeast – 1 tablet per 5 kg weight of the puppy. In food you can add sea Kale – teaspoon of dried cabbage a day. Give the puppy chew large “sugar” beef bones, which do not produce sharp splinters. You can chew raw chicken neck is a source of calcium. Calcium from raw bones are perfectly digested. In the diet of the puppy should be and a variety of offal – liver, kidney, raw beef tripe – at least a couple times a week.

In the puppy food you can add a few drops of trivitamin. Do not try to give a lot of vitamins in nutrition vitamin deficiency in puppies is unlikely, and the excess of vitamins is extremely harmful. A variety of “feeding” and “Supplement” a healthy puppy with nutrition, too, is not needed. They should be prescribed only by a physician, provided that in the development of the puppy it will detect the deviation. “Prevention” is to give a variety of fashionable supplements not worth it. They can lead precisely to the opposite effect. For example, excess calcium intake is bad for bone growth. Healthy dogs need only a full and varied diet, and not supplements.

Extremely useful for the growing puppy (especially large breeds) to cook jellied beef heads. Cook in a pressure cooker part of the beef head. Separate the meat from the bones. Lay the meat in the molds, pour the broth and the available cooling. Gelatin, which is contained in this dish, very useful for growing ligaments of the body. Even when cooking you can add a little gelatin, after soaking the powder in water, and then mix with the broth. Puppies, especially larger breeds, need to give crude cartilages of sturgeon fish. They contain phosphorus, calcium and vitamin D and are well absorbed. In addition, many dogs love fruits – apples, pears. You can give and the dried fruits – apricots, prunes, dried apples and pears. Vegetables – carrot, pumpkin, cabbage a little beet too will benefit. A little cheese in the diet will not hurt. But not more than 20 grams per day – cheese, usually very fatty.


With a variety of food the puppies will get everything you need from food.

You should observe the following rule. A growing puppy requires at this age about 40 grams of protein per kilogram of its own weight. That is puppy weighing 5 kg should be in a day about 200 grams of meat. Or 300 grams of fish. Well, plus a bit of grains, vegetables and fruits. And definitely the cheese, yogurt or natural yogurt.

To overfeed a puppy should not be. Because his body can’t digest the excess food in the dog can happen indigestion. Best puppy slightly underfed than overfed. Whether you feed your puppy is easy to define – chair the puppy should be not liquid and not solid, have a brown color and pungent smell. The coat should Shine, the belly should not be swollen like a drum. Under the skin a small layer of fat. Skin is clean and elastic.

Puppies sometimes refuse to eat for no reason – nothing terrible, just one feeding a day can be skipped. Not necessarily during the day to give all 4 types of food. Can one day meat, another is fish, third is chicken. The main thing that the power was not always the same. Different food contains different “blocks” for the construction of the body. Instead of rice puppy you can give buckwheat. Or alternate the rice and buckwheat. Occasionally as a garnish you can give the cereal. They poured boiling broth. Do not boil.

What not to give your puppy – fat fried meat, smoked fish or chicken. Sausage, smoked sausage and any sausage. Spicy food with spicy seasoning, salted, marinated, flour, sweet and stuff that is made for people. You should not give mayonnaise or ketchup, salads and vinaigrettes from the table. Puppy food should be simple and healthy, preferably raw. Except the croup, which should be well cooked.

These nutrition recommendations apply only to healthy puppies. Puppies who have problems with the internal organs or in whole, the digestion should have a special diet, they will choose the doctor.

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