Features types.

People who prefer to have a particle of native wildlife, birds choose from among our domestic species. Among them are unassuming little pichuge that are easy to get along with someone well if I bet and get paid for caring pleasant singing, opportunity to observe their habits, and sometimes attached to their caregiver. These include first of all the Siskin and goldfinch. Their next of kin – Chaffinch, repalov and oatmeal is equally undemanding in terms of care and gifted singers, but most of them are tame. Live well in cages, but are not singing bullfinches, tap. But the greenfinches, which are often sold in pet stores, can be recommended only for captive content. Modestly colored, with a mediocre song and in most cases very wild greenfinch hardly suited as an indoor pet. The same should be said about the plantain and the finches.

Experienced connoisseurs of birdsong, experienced in the care of a timid and gentle birds, make our best singers – larks, nightingales, thrushes, Blyth’s reed warblers, whitethroats or not so famous, but also talented singers – willow-Warbler, Robin, Starling, Bluethroat, Wren.

The fans have colorful exotic parrots, finches. the waxbills. feeling in cells, easy divorce, relatively undemanding to care and feeding.

Special clan of pticelov are cinaralti, among whom are many experienced breeders involved in breeding colorful colored Canaries, Manchester and the giant figure of birds, or seeking to obtain a cool usnistgov udachnogo singers and singing.

In addition to these bird lovers of a certain group, there are a lot who appreciate their Pets not for singing or vivid plumage, but simply as interesting objects of observation. Many of them are naturalists in profession or vocation. In their collections are sometimes trivial and birds like the house Sparrow, and the hardest for inside the house Pets, such as large predators or tender apricots. Any of these Pets gives people the joy of communication, fills his leisure with pleasant cares, and sometimes enriches biological science new information. But together with the bird man assumes responsibility for a living creature, taking care of him, having to put up with some inconvenience associated with being a new tenant in the apartment. A bad choice, ignorance, inability, or negligence to bring a pet suffering, and possibly death. So purchase birds, like any animal, cannot be regarded merely as a waste material, sometimes very little. This is primarily a responsibility.

A good selection of birds will help preliminary acquaintance with its specific features and conditions. You should think in advance about suitable for poultry cage, take care of the feed.

If you want to have a room singer, you need to buy the male of the chosen species. After all, most of them females don’t sing.

Sometimes novice fans will certainly want to purchase a male and a female, believing that one bird will Have “boring”. But mutual attraction of the sexes of most birds is manifested only during certain periods of the year, and in the cellular environment and does not occur. On the contrary, not being able to abide in communicating the desired distance (as the cage is small) your “couple” pounding each other to death, not to mention the fact that when the content of the group birds sing less and harder tamed.

Even worse it is when one cell is placed two males or more, which in nature tend to be guarded from rivals territory. The nightingales, chaffinches, Robins, warblers and other birds literally nailed to each other, or the weakest is so depressed that soon dies of malnutrition and stress.

Only a few birds feel better for group content, such as bullfinches, tap, goldcrests and long-tailed Tits. The majority of species is best to keep singly.

Birds, even of the same species, sometimes very different from each other in singing, brightness of plumage, and most importantly, your temper. Some are very free with their captivity and easily adapt to humans, while others remain wild even after a long stay in the house. Therefore it is better to choose birds more calm, not panic beating in the cage, and watching the man, faster take a tasty treat, and often look the bathroom while pruseviciene the cage.

To purchase freshly caught bird, especially insect-eating singers in the spring only in the first days of arrival. These days are caught mostly males that arrive to us first, and sing in cages sometimes on the second or third day. Caught later (from nests) birds don’t usually sing in the first season, and only catch them poachers for inexperienced sales people. Granivorous birds – Siskins, goldfinches, and other repolovo-caught in early spring and autumn, as they are at home singing most of the year. Winter catch bullfinches, crossbills and Shchurov.

Sidelay, the soaked bird from a friend of the fan can be purchased at any time of the year, and fresh – only during these periods. Spending time in the markets and in pet stores, often see a purchased bird put in immediately purchased the cage and clasping hands, or handing to a child, being dragged into the crowd, not paying attention to what frightened panic rushing around the cage, smashing into the blood head and breaking the feathers. It happens that this bird dies on the way, or long perevalivaet and spoiled plumage is until the next molt.

This does not happen, if the bird is transported in a small portable cell, closing the newspaper or cloth. For short distances small birds can be transported in small pouches made of cotton fabric, which should be free to lie in bag, hard bag or in a box. Not only to put in bags thrushes, which can be shock phenomena.

Brought home the bird should not be transplanted into the cell, before she is fully equipped with a perch, litter on the tray, the sand, until the trough is not sprinkled food and drinking bowls are not filled with water. After that, the cell set in its proper place, cover with a light cloth and then let it newcomer – So you’ll save the bird from unnecessary anxiety and possible injury. To put or hang the cage better not to box, and along a side wall near the window. The cage on the window degrades the illumination of the room, the bird will sbryzgivat glass, and most importantly, in the light, falling contour, missing paint tail. And the bird until she was used to people, will shy away in the direction of the outer wall of the cell to light, by breaking the beak and messing up the feathers. Hanging bird cages to the ceiling is not recommended. So they do not become accustomed to humans, will not be visible, which is done in the cage. And when you want to give food, change water or just to look at the bird, the sudden appearance of a man above the rim of the cage scares your pet. It is better if the cage sits or hangs just below human growth.

The first day Possidius bird is better to keep completely covered with a cloth cage. Only you should not use gauze or cloth nepotushenny, of which out or can be plucked bird thread. It happens that in a thread a bird becomes entangled and may even die. When the pet get comfortable and start the feed, open the cage so that the bird sitting at one end remained in sight, and on the opposite side to hide. In the future, the cell gradually reveal all, but the others are longer curtained the side facing the window.

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