Education and training of dogs

The volume of this work does not permit discussion of all details of training, for example, natsci dog specifically for hunting, for sanitary or police service, and for other purposes. Given here are General instructions how to teach your dog to comply with basic requirements applicable to it as to the nearest of the animal Kingdom, each other person who is with him in constant communion. Often, more detailed instructions will have to consult works specially treating on these issues.

Always remember that rebellious and ill-mannered dog is no good ; it only causes a range of troubles for its owner and for all others. These badly bred dogs give them haters a right to rebel against their kind and justify the misdeeds of bad instances of their outrage at all the whole class like them. In view of the fact, before you buy a dog, think seriously whether you have enough patience and perseverance to bring her up. 2 Education and training are closely connected to one another, and to separate these two concepts it would be fundamentally wrong. Under the upbringing of the dog meant everything what she needs in dealing with people: obedience, affection, etc. whereas training is the memorization of famous acts and practices-what to increase the love of man to the dog and make it intelligent and helpful in all respects. The basic education of the dog, whatever breed it may be, should be the same. From hunting and house dogs equally require obedience and cleanliness in the apartment. The methods and techniques used to achieve this goal, can be varied, the final result should be always the same. Everyone can, even without special knowledge and ability, to teach her the basics of education, and therefore society has the discretion to require the owner of a dog to not bore everyone with our bad habits.

More special training it is very difficult and not everyone is given the ability to inspire the dog understanding what is required of her, and therefore to start you should thoughtfully and carefully.

The basic rules of education can be summarized in the following three locations: 1) First of all, we must explain the nature of his pupil. 2) Will the teacher have to be steadfast, and holding her relentlessly. 3) Impatience and anger must be overcome and not give them power over them.

Add these points:

The first paragraph. For each dog during training you need our system, to address with all on one template it would be completely wrong.

One dog is very quiet, obedient and affectionate, and it’s quite strict of the word, different is also very stubborn and requires more severe treatment. So before you start training or education, the pros and disadvantages of the character of the dog should be clarified. The first will be: loyalty, esteem, affection, obedience, etc. the last is envy, greed, strong libido, etc.

The main goal of teachers should be strengthening and developing the good qualities of the dog along with the elimination of deficiencies.

The dog created to serve man and to obey him unquestioningly. With good care and treatment, her affection, the desire to please and provide service are unusually high.

If the upbringing of the dog running, she shy away from people, gets angry and mistrustful, to awaken her animal instincts and from the home of a friend she turns into a repulsive creature.

Within each breed across completely different instances and features of character of each is dependent on the greater or lesser the malleability of his upbringing and training. This degree of receptivity to good influences is the human feature of the individual, and is not a distinctive feature of the species. You cannot, however, be noted that some breeds still have their special abilities and inclinations to both good and other properties. On the production and development of these features had a huge impact of special education in the same direction a number of generations; for example, dachshunds and Fox Terriers specializes in underground hunting; hounds, hounds, setter and pointer have their own specialty, etc.

The second paragraph . The desire to achieve something from his pupil should be unswerving and to achieve the set goal, you should strive in all ways; every indulgence will have its effect not in favor of the desired result. One should not, however, to demand from a dog is impossible in the physical sense, or strange in view of the insufficient preliminary preparation. When dog training required a strict sequence.

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