Education and training a puppy

How to teach a puppy to walk on a leash is the First step in learning to walk on a leash is to make the puppy accustomed to the collar. Place the collar when the puppy is eating and playing under your supervision. Distract the puppy from thinking about the collar.

To teach the puppy to the cage Every puppy must learn to relax in his cage. This skill will be needed in the veterinary clinic, during travel and to limit the activity in diseases. The cage will help save your repair.

The pack leader To successfully train your dog, you must first learn to be a dog. After all, your dog can’t be trained.

Walking during walking the most likely injury from fights with cats and dogs, transport and other reasons.

Education, initial training a puppy raising a puppy is the development of skills, habits, useful to the master. Education aims to teach the puppy in a timely manner to perceive external stimuli.

The path to understanding in order To properly raise a puppy, you need to understand. Therefore, one of the major problems faced by novice dog owner, is the problem of understanding.

Nataliyadimitrova puppy 1-3 months during this period the puppy accustomed to the owner and members of his family, feeding his seat, brushing and washing, cleanliness, nickname, harness and leash, approach the owner.

Initial training a puppy 6-8 months At the age of 6-8 months your puppy continues to be accustomed to the commands “come”, “walk”, “Near”, “Sit”, “Lie”, “Stand”, “Place”, “Aport”, “Fu”, “Show the teeth”,

Puppy, the first few months to Train your dog you can start Monday, but may not have to do this painful thing, but bring it always, even when it is very and want to do this.

Tests for seven-week puppies Entering the room, testing puts the puppy in the middle of the room and takes a few steps toward the door. Then squat down and hand attracts the puppy.

Training a puppy For someone who involves together with his dog to participate in competitions, it is very important to teach her to bark on command.

The benefits of training a puppy while training dogs together with their owners, sometimes come to certain conclusions that may be of interest to some and useful.

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