Disease cats dangerous to humans

Cats, like any Pets, are carriers of dangerous diseases. Cats themselves do not suffer many diseases, but they can infect your home. But also many diseases cats become infected from people. Coming from the street, we bring with them pathogens.

Rabies is one of the most dangerous viral diseases. Get infected with rabies by saliva, caught by the bite or through a wound or abrasion on the skin. Characterized by rabies that affects the nervous system. Manifested in the form of aggression, violation of movement coordination, paralysis, spasms, sometimes has a lethal outcome. To avoid viral contamination is possible if the time to go to the doctor within 2 days.

Zoster – teatronosotras disease. They can get infected and the person and the animal. By depriving the pathogen is a fungus of the genus Trichophyton. Characterized by lesions of the skin and hair coat. People can get shingles only if when is in close contact with sick animals. The affected areas are red and itchy. If the animal is sick with lichen, then we take him to the vet, if you find yourself zoster, you need to consult a dermatologist.

Helminthiasis (worms) – intestinal infection. Is a severe and dangerous disease. He podverganie only animals but also people. If you do not show worms, then they can do great harm to the body and many diseases. Diseases caused by worms are chronic and gradually lead the body to exhaustion. Treatment of helminth infections are infectious disease doctors, Parasitology, health workers.

Fleas – if you have a house cat, she got fleas. The probability that you can pick up fleas from your cat 60%. The danger of the attack of fleas on humans, is that you may have a terrible itch because the saliva of fleas contains a virus, deadly to humans.

All of the above diseases are very dangerous to humans. In order to avoid all of the above diseases, you need to follow the norms of hygiene, on a monthly basis to get vaccinated, to monitor the condition of the cat. At the first sign of one of the disease immediately contact your veterinarian.

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