Develop playing skills in the domesticated cat

The game is the most important part of the social life of cats. Playing, the animal develops your mental abilities, strengthens the bond of the “brain/muscle”, develops the necessary skills, learns to cope with hypothetical problems adjusting to life in his new human family and reveals hidden traits of his character. It is only at first sight it seems that the game cat — a carefree pastime. Actually, the playing, the cat learns many important “subjects” that you should know and its owners.

In the life of wild animals, and cats are no exception, games are there so that a young individual can master the first hunting skills. Domestication allowed the cat to get food, not going out on a hunt. The game in the serious subject of survival has turned into a ritual. In the wild only play kittens. Pets continue to “baby” all my life, even in old age.

Games have their roots in the hunting ritual. So enough of all the toys and games will prefer those who will remind him that he is a hunter, and, therefore, should be the victim. No wonder the cat attacks the first thing moving within his field of vision objects. And in any case not delinikaitis your feet, hands or garments. If you will encourage this kind of game, they can result in serious injury to the skin or torn sharp claws clothing. The best solution in this situation will hang around the room hanging toys that imitate those of animals and birds, hunted cats in the wild. Mechanical mouse, and if you tight with toys, a laser pointer can serve the role of a fun game for the cat.

Happy cat playing, provided with toys, and large cash costs should not be linked. The style of play and what games you play often is much more important than a fancy toy, standing half the pay. A straw for drinking, climbing on the bed or a piece of paper on a string bring to life such a long and emotionally filled game, and with the special toys for cats Move objects as if they were prey for the cat. It will cause him a genuine interest in what is happening. So, the bird should rotate in a circle; butterfly fly back and forth, sometimes to land and take off, sometimes to rest on the back of the chair.

If you are playing with a cat pretending to be a prey of a predator of terrestrial animals, such as rabbit or mouse, the toy needs to move quickly across the floor, and then slowly, secluded places to seek between the interior or for the furniture. Remember, in the wild the prey is never itself does not run into the jaws of a predator. Never point it directly into the muzzle of a cat, look for detours. Let the cat regroup, stand still and attack. Every game should end with a “victory” after a successful intense “hunting”, with which the cat will return with a “trophy”.

It may happen that you will get in companions shy or “lazy” cat. Even if jumping, stalking and assault your cat prefers peaceful lying on the window sill, then you just need from time to time to stimulate his mental activity. This is especially important if the cat is “beginner” in your environment. If you will develop his gaming skills, then in a few weeks is a lazy creature that just slept and ate, will be worn around the house for your toy or game.

Soft toys or crinkle balls are of great interest for the kittens. Adults individuals quickly lose interest in them. To cat refused to play with them — do a little trick. Change the toy and the order of play with them every day. For example, on Monday let the cat play with the balls, hang the fish on a string. And on Tuesday, will replace these toys Micheli and feathers. Once you notice that your hunter returns with the loot from his makeshift hunting, immediately change the items that he managed to catch.

The average adult cat needs in individual half-hour games every day. This half hour can be divided into several short games. This option will help the cat not get tired physically and mentally from the same game. Half the time the cat needs to hold not on a single “hunt”, and in cooperative games with the owner. The kitten also need on average to spend playing for about an hour. This hour should be divided into slot sets in 5-10 minutes.

In conclusion, a few words about laser pointers. Many cats like to chase the beam, wasting a lot of energy. But the hunt ends in nothing. The cat may not bring to the owner’s feet or their offspring “prey”. If you and the cat like merrymaking with a pointer is good. Just finish the session with some physical toy that the cat can catch and bring in the loot!

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