Compatible children and Pets

If you raise him from puppyhood a dog, the appearance in the child’s home will be a fresh wind — but not without some planning.

There is a dog — adding a child

If you bring a newborn baby into the house to sleek-Le-leanna animal, it can cause problems just as big as the rivalry between the older and younger child. Here’s how to make the animal and the child had lived quietly and peacefully.

Before the

If your animal still was your child in a childless family, teach him to be around children, how will your newborn baby. Invite your friends with children. Let your pet smell it (under supervision, of course) little children, so that he could get used to their smell. Remember, the attention you lavish gifts on Fido, will now be aimed at children, so it makes sense to do some prenatal excommunication. When your pet needs attention, sit in the rocking chair and “nurse” the doll, thus training the animal, what can not many people, is to postpone pleasure. As with the arrival of a new baby, after an initial decline, the attention of the parish in the house of a toddler means that over time the animal will get more attention.

Veterinarianhometown bring home from the hospital unwashed diaper or baby Romper, make your pet become accustomed to the smell of the baby before the child arrives.

And, of course, if the dog or cat is used to sharing the family bed, teach her to sleep outside the door of your bedroom even before your new roommate on the bed.

If your pet is definitely not show to children of friendship, no matter how callously and cruelly, find him a new home before newborn baby appears. Not worth the risk.

The first meeting of the child and the animal

When mom, dad and child all live back in the house to the animal, be prepared that it

will happily jump on you. Pet missed you. Sit on the floor or on the sofa, on one level with the animal, it sniffed the child and met him. After the animal and the child met, set a dog or a cat near you when feeding your baby or rocking him, like you would with an older child.

The postpartum period from animals in the house

The first two weeks home with the baby animals and is the period of Dating. Never leave them alone. Biting dogs are unpredictable, and cats love to jump in the bassinet and snuggle closely to the children.

Have a child add the pet

Do you want to have a pet? Before choosing a new family member, think about how much time, effort and money will be spent on the care of another set of feet — four pieces this time. If a friend gives you a pet, remember that there is no such thing as a free pet. Although dreams about how your child runs around the lawn with the dog, it is tempting, in infancy, requiring you to challenging you have the time and energy to take care of two children?

Beware this trap all parents: stray dogs or cats come into your yard, and your older children pounce on you with a request to warm the poor thing. Clutching a homeless furry friend, your child pleads: “Please, mommy, can we keep her?” Before pleading child in combination with hungry animals it is difficult to resist. As the main members of the club “can’t say “no”, we turned his house in the night — and more than one night — for many stray animals. And sometimes for a fee, to which we were not prepared. That’s the secret, how to bargain about the animal: when your older child wants a pet, be sure to find out if it agrees to take care of the animal, and enlist the consent in writing.

Some animals and children are incompatible. Kittens and cats typically treat children kindly. Some dog breeds are more kid friendly than others. Avoid unpredictable breeds such as the Doberman Pinscher. Stay away from breeds that have a bright character, such as dwarf breeds or pocket dogs, who often compensate for their small size unmanageable and unpleasant behavior. Try a breed with a docile nature, such as Labrador. To purchase

purebred dog — it is less risky, but you can take home and a healthy pooch with a gentle character for a trial period. Before you buy a pet or take him home, talk with its former owner, the probation period in two weeks. If the dog’s temperament is incompatible with the child, leave the child, and give up dogs.

While it is true the assertion that animals bring children more joy than infection, to monitor the health of your animal is part of caring for the health of the entire family. Before finalize the choice of the animal (be it a gift or purchase), ask the veterinarian to inspect the animal. Periodically contact your vet to get the worms and fleas. Bitten by fleas and the baby fleas take a bite wildly animal — a bad combination. Make timely vaccinations animal. In most areas there are clinics where immunization is carried out free of charge or with partial payment.

If the dog has bitten the child

Check with the owner whether the dog all vaccinations and did it in a timely manner to make new ones. Wounds from dog bites become inflamed easily. Wash the wound with antiseptic soap and apply ointment

with antibiotics to heal. If the sting caused a severe wound, your doctor may prescribe oral antibiotics. If the dog is a stray and it is not known whether she is vaccinated, please call the dog shelter or local animal control dogs so that the dog has taken into quarantine and examined for signs of rabies. Find out the results of the survey and let know your doctor if there is suspicion of rabies. Mark, under what circumstances the dog has bitten the child. Her behavior was provoked or not? Did not whether the dog is weird?

To two years your child can understand that to treat animals carefully. Remember, children treat animals like toys. They pull on their ears, tail, jump on the dogs and throw cats. Give animals who sleep or eat, do it safely. Teach your child not to grab the dog bone or a bowl when she eats. Put the dog bowl away from the curious two-year-old. The most common cause of dog bites — dog was protecting his food.

Teach your child how to approach a strange dog, and be especially careful coming to visit for people who have animal. Let the animal approach the child. Tell your child,

so he stood quietly while the dog passes him in circles and sniffs. Teach your child that it is not necessary to stare at the animals, to provoke them by sudden movements or running away from dogs. Talk to the dog a high, gentle voice as you speak baby. Children tend to provoke dogs, and some dogs are easier to provoke than others.

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