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A healthy puppy is active, energetic, playful and cheerful, climbs everywhere, happily joins the game. Not shy and not aggressive (but sometimes can be on the alert for strangers). Free, assured movement, stands firmly on his feet. Overall this is a fun animal with a clean, shiny coat, without seals, bald spots, dandruff. With clean and clear eyes, with a slightly wet and cold nose (with nose sleep warm and dry ). A healthy dog responds to its master’s call, willingly executes the commands. A healthy dog good appetite, the bowels emptied regularly, urination is normal. Eyes dry, with no signs of pus, shiny. Surface puppy’s ears — pale pink, without discharge or an unpleasant smell. Mucous membranes of the mouth, eyelids clean, pale pink color. Her breathing was regular. The abdomen is smooth, not bloated.

A sick dog is markedly different from healthy individuals. Any disease causing in her body, a number of more or less serious violations.

First,there are changes in the behavior of your pet. The dog suppressed a lot of lies, tries to hide in a dark place, the call gets up reluctantly. In some pathologies she doesn’t want to go to bed for a long time and is just very exhausted, is forced supine posture. Sick pet or indifferent to others, or conversely, abnormally excited, too agile, can be aggressive even to loved ones. Disturbed appetite: the dog eats poorly or completely refuses to feed, or increased appetite, even perverted. Swallowing solid food is difficult, may be choking on swallowing even of liquid and powdered food. You may experience increased thirst or, on the contrary, rabies. You may receive a cough, indicating inflammatory processes in the throat, the larynx or the trachea, diseases of the lungs and heart. Sudden, strong, neosocialist cough is caused by ingestion of a foreign body in the trachea.

Secondly, there are external signs of the disease dogs. The coat is shiny and shiny becomes dull, disheveled. Possible balding part of the body, rash, scratches, scars and eczema. Can cause unpleasant smell from the mouth, which, as a rule, is associated with abundant deposition of dental calculus and ulcerative stomatitis. Unpleasant smell skin lesions in demodicosis. The mucous membrane of the mouth and eyelids pale, cyanotic, or icteric. The gastrointestinal tract is disturbed by vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, accumulation of gases in the intestine, in the stool there is blood, foreign body, worms. Appear purulent discharge from the nose, eyes and other organs of the dog as well as unpleasant smell from the mouth, ears and other cavities. Urination broken, the color of the urine, its quantity is changed. Marked abnormalities in body temperature, pulse, respiration.

Vaccination of dogs

For prophylaxis of viral infectious diseases dogs are vaccinated. And in our country and abroad there are a monovalent vaccine (against one disease) and polyvalent (against several diseases at once).

Absolutely necessary to vaccinate all dogs, even those who according to the plans of the owners will never leave the apartment or house. The dog may accidentally come out on the street, you can come visit, have a home with a dog, walking on the street, you don’t sterilizati shoes and clothing before interacting with the dog and you may need somewhere to take the dog, and without a mark on vaccinations this can only be done by smuggling.

For 7-10 days prior to vaccination, you should give the dog anthelmintic. If from worms is not to get rid of, the immunity is not formed or formed very weak — accordingly, vaccination would be pointless. Worms is absolutely all dogs, they can be only more or less. If the worms do not drive (not to give time to anthelmintic drugs), the puppy (and sometimes adult dogs) may even die.

Before vaccination and during the formation of the immune system of animals should be provided with adequate diet.

You can walk through two weeks after re-vaccination.

Do not apply within two weeks after vaccination, antibiotics and antihelmentic.

Not washing the dog after vaccination.

Not to be vaccinated sick and pregnant bitches.

Ten days before the vaccination is given antihelmentic.

Diseases of domestic animals, dangerous to humans

We love Pets, it is not easy to understand. Most likely, because they just are: eared and tailed, pleasing, and requiring of our care. Attention need, that idyll was not clouded by the disease of our smaller brethren. Because some diseases are dangerous not only for them but also can be transmitted to the host.

One of the most common skin diseases of animals — or Strigoi microsporia ringworm . It infected animals of all ages, is especially sensitive to her young. Humans can be infected by direct contact and through infected objects. The disease affects not only the scalp. On human skin spots appear, covered with gray scales.

The rabies virus spread to dogs and cats. Sick animal behaves unusually: home may become aggressive, refuse to eat, wild, by contrast, is not frightened of people. Human infection occurs by the bite of infected animal or contact of saliva with mucous membranes and damaged skin. So, if you are bitten by a dog or other animal, first wash the wound with plenty of water and soap and immediately to the doctor.

Spread to humans and helminths — worms. They infected many dogs and cats. Juveniles under the age of month definitely degelmintization. Signs of infection in animals is a hiccup, a cough, emaciation, loss of lustre of the coat. Regular deworming should become the rule of keeping all Pets.

Toxoplasmosis humans can infect dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds. People become infected mainly through contaminated foods. Once in the human body, the pathogen infects the brain, eyes, spleen, liver, lymph nodes. Acute toxoplasmosis is usually accompanied by fever, headache and muscle pain. Chronic can take years and be expressed in a low temperature, irritability, reduced visual acuity and health.

Indoor birds can be infected with psittacosis . Get it people, contactatima with Canaries and parrots. Infection occurs through airborne droplets when inhaled with dust particles of the feces of the birds during harvesting the cells. The disease occurs usually in 5-10 days after the infected bird.

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