Chihuahua – how and what to feed puppies

The Chihuahua is recognized as the smallest in the world. And when the adult dogs weigh from 0.9 to 2.7 kg, Chihuahua puppies are generally tiny, nevertheless, they can be energetic and playful, like puppies of other breeds.

Usually if the puppy lives with his mother, until three weeks of age, until he starts confidently and steadily move, only food is breast milk of the mother, giving the puppy a balanced mix of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. And with only three weeks is recommended to start giving the bait in the form of scratched out grains of beef and cottage cheese on a few pieces per day, gradually increasing the size and number.

Weaning from females is usually carried out on day 33 of life, although continue to put the puppy 1-2 times a day to maintain your immune system up to the first vaccination. For puppies Chihuahua it is important to remember that excess fat may permanently deform growing bone system, so not to overfeed them. Usually determine the sufficiency of fodder feeling the ribs of the puppy. If they are hidden by fat, but loose enough palpable, the puppy food is optimally. With a small amount of fat dose of feed should be gradually increased.

If Chihuahua puppy purchased in our kennel, the first time it is advisable to keep on the diet of the nursery,gradually move to menu, more optimal for new conditions of life. The amount and composition of feed need to know when buying, at the same time finding out about vaccination and the measures against worms (when and what drugs were expelled worms).

Before reaching two months of age puppies Chihuahua are fed 6 times a day, reducing the number of feedings to 5 in the period from 2 to 4 months, to 4 from 4 to 6 months, to 3 to 6 to 12 months. When feeding Chihuahua puppies, like adult dogs, before the owner is always a dilemma what is better, dry (canned) finished feed or natural feed. With one side finished feed are balanced on caloric content, vitamins and trace elements composition, it is appropriate to the needs of the dog according to its age. For Chihuahuas most suitable feed ROYAL CANIN, HillS, Pronature, EUKANUBA, PURINA, PRO PLAN, PRO PAC, Nutro. However, you must remember that nutrients from feed are absorbed by the body of the dog much easier. Therefore, the best solution may be combination feeding, and in the case of the predominance of natural feeds do not forget about the puppy Chihuahua food additives. Well established colloidal solutions of oleate of calcium and vitamin D that give to puppies: 0.5 ml per kg of body weight daily.

In the case of feeding dry food it is important to remember that before use it should be soaked hot (for certain types of foods warm) water to full swelling and lack of dry fragments. In this case, the body of a Chihuahua puppy assimilate food easily enough.

From natural products for Chihuahua puppies to give beef in the form of meat, pre-treated with boiling water for a few minutes, and chopped cooked meat or chicken. Pork from the diet completely exclude Chihuahua from the excessive greasiness.

Chihuahuas are love seafood, so the puppy can be given fish from the sea in the form of meat or small pieces like boiled and raw 1-2 times a week. The exception is Pollock, not digested Chihuahua and fatty species of fish.

Useful puppies Chihuahua dairy products (milk excluded from the diet, as causes for Chihuahua puppies and adult dogs diarrhea). Basically, feed puppies milk, yoghurt and curd, and the curd should be sour fermented and diluted yogurt to a creamy consistency. Twice a week feed the puppies Chihuahua add the yolk of boiled eggs. Raw eggs are eliminated from the diet because they can be infected with salmonellosis.

Of fruit most acceptable to your body puppy Chihuahua pureed Apple and mashed with a fork regular banana, and the banana has antidiarrheal effect, therefore, can serve as a great drugs for disorders of the intestine of the dog.

The choice of vitamins for puppy Chihuahua should be treated with caution. It is impossible to give concentrated vitamins, unacceptable for Chihuahua fish oil. The puppy Chihuahua is worth to buy vitamin complexes designed specifically La puppies and strictly follow the instructions provided.

In any case, bulldog puppies should not be fed hot or cold food, pork meat, smoked meat, sausages, river fish, walleye Pollock, fatty fish, milk. It is important to remember that candy, sugar and sweets in General affect the eyes dogs, destroy the teeth and lead to violations of the digestive tract. Cabbage, beans and peas lead to spasms of the intestine puppy Chihuahua, disorders of the stomach and digestive tract. However, sauerkraut is very good for the body bulldog puppies, so it’s worth once a week to add to the diet.

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