Can the bedbugs bite Pets (cats, dogs, chickens)?

Bed bugs in our homes parasitize on the person — their barb adapted only for piercing thin enough and soft human skin. Only the hardest bugs to the times when people are leaving the premises for a sufficiently long period of time — bed bugs can bite Pets.

However, in General it is unnatural for bed bug behavior — even adult parasites with their long proboscis barely pierce the skin of animals, and the tiny larvae in most cases and can not feed on cats and dogs.

However, certain trouble pet bugs to deliver fully capable.

“I could not understand why my rat appear on the body of the bleeding wound. Thought it was staph, but it usually just causes purulent abscesses. And then it bites that the animal itself and restorative. Only after a few weeks I found that me and someone started to bite. Was — a banal bed bugs. It was a surprise that they bite the rat, I thought they were only humans drink blood. Apparently, they are somewhere near the cage originally settled and it was closer than my bed”.

Probably the only Pets that suffer from bedbugs, no less than people, are birds (including chickens).

Their soft delicate skin available for piercing proboscis of the bedbug as a human, and the parasites that successfully used by. And the coops they can settle in as successfully as human housing.

Bedbugs in chicken: the dangerous they are and how to deal with them?

Chicken bugs in nature do not exist. Chickens bite or bed bugs attacking humans or other parasites, which the owner of the birds may be confused with bed bugs. For example, fleas.

In the Photo below — such “chicken bugs”, clinging to a bird’s eye. Actually, this is a typical chicken flea. different from bugs small size and tendency to feed in the daytime:

Bedbugs are parasitic in chickens quite rarely, but if they appear in the coop, quickly colonize it and cause mass skin lesions in birds. The bug bites really worried about the birds, and when mass attacks in chickens reduced egg production, they are slowly gaining weight, it can lead to the death of young animals. In addition, chickens are constantly pluck the feathers on the ground, where they can feel itchy from the bites, and as a result decorative birds lose a presentable appearance.

In some cases bedbugs can cause that hen because of the constant attacks of the insects leave their eggs even at a relatively late timing of the incubation.

In the coop bedbugs hide in cracks or any dark, narrow spaces between cells and boards within their walls, under a layer of litter, perches and nests. Birds bite, they are usually at night but can go out hunting during the day.

Winter bugs normally survive temperatures down to minus 10°C and are therefore almost always spend the winter here.

Similarly, bed bugs can infest any home for the birds, from Canaries to Guinea fowls. Only waterfowl (ducks, geese) are well protected from them rather dense skin.

To get rid of bed bugs in chicken, remove the bird from the hen house and in a room all surfaces are processed Hlorofosom or Malathion at the same concentrations in which these funds are used in residential premises.

This is followed by a thorough cleaning: made litter and debris, cleaned all the cages and perches, clean the walls. Such processing should be carried out twice with an interval of 10-14 days.

Bugs in cats and dogs

Bed bugs bite of these animals is very rare in cats and dogs too thick skin and a thick woolen cover.

However, bedbugs bite cats when for a week or two people from the room leave, and the animals are looked after by neighbors — for lack of another source of fresh blood, bedbugs simply forced to attack the animals.

Similar situation with bugs and dogs — only occasionally parasites can bite them for lack of another food source. While bed bugs usually bite dogs only at night, and only the parts of the body with the softest skin.

“Our Toya began to constantly bite some parasites. I thought it was bedbugs, very afraid that we would move. The ears were constantly bumps from the bites on his neck. Took it to the clinic, they said that it’s not bedbugs, and ticks, and he catches them on the street. Said to buy a special collar or smear his shoulder drops, that ticks scare. And by the way, the vet said that bedbugs dogs do not bite at all.”

If the “bugs” in cats or dogs found in the afternoon, and even in very large quantities — it is certainly not bedbugs. Most likely, the parasites on the animal tongs, having approximately the same dimensions, differing only in the number of legs (6 of them bugs, mites — 8), color (ticks are usually grey, green or black bugs and brown) and no transverse stripes on the body. Besides, the bedbug dogs, if so, always tries to retire, and mites, sucker, fixed and similar to a small growth on the skin.

To confuse bed bugs with fleas is extremely difficult — fleas are very small and able to jump. The same bugs running around like cockroaches, and can not jump.

No special protection for cats and dogs from bed bugs not required: parasites attack them much less than a man. Accordingly, you need to destroy bedbugs in the room in which they nest, and not allowed.

Anyone else bitten by bed bugs?

Bed bugs were originally insects, parasitic on small mammals in their burrows and nests. In nature most bugs dwell in the burrows of rodents, gophers, and insect-eating animals. Here they constantly have access to food.

But significantly more attractive to bed bugs colonies of bats — at least because these bats has a few areas of the body not covered by wool. For such areas the bedbugs bite.

In addition, caves in which to settle colonies of bats, have a more stable climate than any other places in the wild, even rodent burrows. And so to bed bugs there is a real Paradise: the abundance of food, constant temperature and low natural enemies.

The most famous “kapowie” caves are the caves in Turkmenistan — here, the biggest colony of some rare bat species. Bugs in them so much that sometimes they lead to mass death of the newborn bat pups.

What bugs are dangerous to mammals and birds?

Generally speaking, different species of bugs, can bite a person or pet, in nature very much.

For example, in the water the dog can accidentally bite Gladysh or water Scorpion is also bugs.

Occasionally on the animal capture the bedbugs bite chimney. However, such cases occur only when an animal unintentionally disturbs the bedbug, for example, stepping on it with his paw or hurting, lying on the grass.

More dangerous for Pets bedbugs, parasites constantly. Most of them are just bugs in the family-chinatow. With rare exceptions, these insects do not settle in the man’s house, but can attack resting on the street animal.

In our latitudes chinetov a bit, and a special danger for Pets, they are not. But in the tropics these parasites are carriers of many dangerous diseases, including the deadly Chagas ‘ disease, and therefore, in the journeys they need to protected themselves and to protect them from their four-legged friends.

Interesting video: bedbugs and their larvae bite humans

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