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Even some 10 years ago, this business was gaining momentum and not all believe that will open special stores for the sale of goods for Pets, and now …

Production of dog feed is a very profitable business, owing to the low cost of raw materials used and the manufacturing process.

Typically, food is of two types: dry and wet. In addition, dogs gladly consume the sausage, which is made especially for them. Having decided on the production of a sausage, you must find a regular manufacturers of sausages and negotiate with them about purchasing meat trimmings, meat bones, veins and other waste of sausage production. The only thing you cannot use is the inside.

To create casings for sausages, you can use the colon or to buy the natural casing, same as used for sausage shop sausages.

The process of preparing the feed looks like this: the raw materials are mixed (manually or automatically), according to the recipe developed by nutritionists. The mixture enters the expander, where it is added to hot water. All this is subjected to steam, pressure and high temperature (as the mixture is extruded through the head, defining the shape of the final product) and increases in volume as the popcorn. Stern allowed to dry, after which it typically raspalaut, digestive or other components, designed to make it more appetizing. During cooking the bacteria are killed, but the final product can lose its sterility during the subsequent drying, fat coating, and packaging. Some feed materials are baked at a high temperature, and not extruded. The result is a dense, crispy, delicious, and seemingly without adding fat and other flavor enhancers.

Huge sales of pet food explains not even the extravagance and fanaticism of their owners is just so convenient. Few people in major cities powered homemade food. Most after work, go to the nearest supermarket and buy there products for yourself and food for your pet.

But, nevertheless, many of us not yet ready to buy commercial pet food for dogs and cats, and feed their Pets homemade food. In our country, yet are concentrated only 2% of the world market of feed, it is more than $55 billion But the growth is steady and rapid: 20% per year.

The greatest profit to producers of animal feed brought by dogs and cats. Of course, the Russians held and other Pets: birds, rodents, fish, even exotic animals. But their interest is much less, and the appetite is much more modest. Thus, of the total feed market in $1 billion to $800-850 million on pet food.

Food for cats and dogs are divided into classes according to the quality and, respectively, by price: economy, premium, super premium. Expensive feeds are positioned as the best forage digestibility (i.e. to eat, the pet will eat three times less expensive food), best quality without soy.

The next step was to come up with the name of your product and to ensure that new stern learned of potential customers. It is useful to place ads in specialized media, at various forums, breeders, and simply dog lovers on the Internet. Excellent effect gives the correctly composed advertising in Yandex direct. Just remember to focus on a specific region in which you are working. So it will be easier to find those clients that are in close proximity to you. You can still participate in several trade fairs or to arrange a kind of promotion to give free samples of your products, for example, in the shops of pet products. And, of course, use the “word of mouth” about your product learn potential buyers.

Your product must be different from feeds that are already present on the market. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a unique selling proposition which focus on the undeniable merits of a new product. Perhaps in your case it will be more favorable price, high quality products, and free delivery to the buyer.

According to the calculation period of such production, the production costs per ton of product amount to 7000-8000 rubles, including the cost of raw materials, energy costs, salaries and the cost of packaging. The wholesale price of finished feeds for cats and dogs is between 14000-15000 rubles per ton.

Payback depends on equipment cost. When buying a cheap line for 0.5-1 million rubles, you can recoup all costs for 3-4 months of work.

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