7 new year tips for owners of Pets

The winter holidays are a real test for Pets. For veterinarians it is too hot time: cats eat tinsel, dogs overeat delicacies and lizards suffer from dehydration. As a result – dozens of emergency operations, frustrated the hosts and animals with compromised health. “Bepress” gives seven tips for those who the house, in addition to primates, inhabit someone else.

Tip # 1. For dog breeders. Dogs love their masters and will share with you pre-Christmas chores, will control the way you decorated the tree, you will be there when you will cook and arrange a new year party, and will definitely make you and your guests the company behind it. So the first rule is to be persistent. As if your pet was wagging her tail and ask to try a dish that you cook now, answer him with a refusal. Most dogs during the Christmas holiday are suffering from overeating, food poisoning and allergies.

Take care and festive eating. The dog may be curious as to what the balls it is decorated and whether you can eat fancy garland.

Tip # 2. For cotovelea. Here relevant all the same moments, and for dogs. But not to this extent. Cats are selective in the food.It is very important tactile sensations, so rarely a cat will eat both cheeks products from the table indiscriminately.

And with all this, a good part of the cat family will not miss the opportunity to eat smart, brilliant and rustling rain.

Everyone knows that seals can’t blow, but few people know that and don’t care they don’t know how. The owners, it is definitely on hand, but it means that licking a new year’s rain the cat to spit out it can’t. The poor man will try to reset it with language and, most likely, will only aggravate their situation. So hang a Christmas tinsel away from cats and if your pet is very curious, if not dispense with it.

Most importantly – if your cat sticks out the tinsel, grab it and take it to the doctor. To pull it (no mouth or under the tail). You can simply kill the pet, damaging his internal organs.

Tip # 3. For the hosts silent Pets. If you keep as Pets butterflies, snails, cockroaches, fish, lizards, or like me, a charming colony of harvester ant, remember: to eat and drink they will not ask.

Forget about such smaller brothers is much easier than it seems. So put the automatic drinking bowl, avtokraska or a reminder in your phone about the existence of Pets. So the most important tip – don’t forget about their Pets.

Tip # 4. For owners of reptiles. The holidays put their Pets in terrariums. Even if your turtle is accustomed to walk proudly around the apartment and sleep behind the sofa, for her own good would be better if you her place in the cage. It is better placed away from the main celebrations. First of all, who is loved by no one will come, and secondly, in the silence of the pet will be much better than in the noisy company of people. And be sure to remind your guests that your Pets teeth no food they chew and swallow – you shouldn’t put it in the terrarium tinsel (especially green) and other party supplies. In addition, turtles have very strong beaks, which they’re able to bite the wire of the garland, remember this.

Tip # 5. For guests. Dear owners of animals, be sure to warn your guests, which surely, for a 10-day new year holidays you will have a great many, not to feed your Pets. Guests are fun, but you have to walk with the suffering pet to the doctors. So it is better to pre-warn friends that pamper your Pets.

Tip # 6. For all. Pets by and large have nothing to do. They are driven by curiosity and the desire to have fun. So remove all the food from the table after the celebrations, do not leave dirty dishes. It is possible that your cats, dogs, chinchillas, monkeys and their distant and not very relatives are going to want to try that they had left on the table unattended and emits such a wonderful aroma. Here is another relevant tip. Remember that the dog is not a pig, however, pig should not be fed leftovers indiscriminately.

Tip # 7. For shy and not very. Fireworks. firecrackers, sparklers – cool, bright and fun. But the animal is unlikely to share with you all the joy from the events. Therefore, after the strikes chimes, scrub your scared pet behind the ear, keep him calm. If you decide to take a walk on new year’s night dog, hold the leash tight and be sure to attach the medallion to her collar or just a piece of paper with your phone. The pet can be frightened of loud fireworks and run away.

Madagascar cockroaches. Remember the silent Pets will not be able to ask you for water and food. Photo By Natalia Kozlova

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